Sydney in Australia is one of the most stunning places to visit in the world offering all sorts of tourist attractions. Among the things that make Sydney so popular are its beaches. There are over 100 spectacular beaches in Sydney that one can explore and each is remarkable in its way. From the largest beach in Sydney to the best beaches around Sydney, the choice is endless in this stunning locale. However, there are a few beaches that stand out from the rest, and listed below are some of them.

  1. Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia

Australia’s most famous beach more than 100 meters wide and stretching well over a kilometer in length, Bondi beach is one of the best ones to visit in Australia. Being one of the most popular beaches, expect the beach to be crowded (sometimes beyond capacity) with scores of people. Some park themselves on the sand while others head to the numerous bars, cafes, and other eateries around.

  1. Bronte Beach

    Bronte Beach in Sydney, Australia

Much like the awesome beach culture, Bronte beach is free to enjoy and also among the most popular ones in Sydney. While the beach itself is stunning, the nearby parkland is incredibly spacious enough to accommodate large gatherings who enjoy holding barbeque sessions. This is among the most family-friendly beaches in the region turning into a large carnival-like area during public holidays when scores of people come to have a nice time.

  1. Balmoral Beach

    Balmoral Beach in Sydney, Australia

Among the most serene places in Sydney is the remarkable Balmoral beach. Not famed for being a party beach, this one’s best suited for the quiet type of beach lovers. An ideal place to head to especially for couples, Balmoral beach does not disappoint with its remarkable beauty and calm ambiance. It’s also a great beach to visit for families looking to enjoy some quality time together in a peaceful place.

  1. Nielson Park Beach

    Nielson Park Beach in Sydney, Australia

Despite being one of the most crowded beaches in Sydney owing to its popularity, Nielson Park beach still calls itself the “hidden gem” of Sydney. While crowded, it’s not really a touristy spot as you won’t see many backpackers along the shore. If you happen to be the adventurous sort, you can stroll along the harbor foreshore and pass through an incredible national park in order to reach it.

  1. Tamarama Beach

    Tamarama Beach in Sydney, Australia

Referred to popularly as “Glamarama” owing to the magnetic locals that lay sunbathing here, Tamarama beach is another great beach to visit in Sydney. Traditionally a haven for models and homosexual communities, the beach is as stunning as it is popular. Parking is next to impossible here as there is always a rush but once you manage to get in, this small but cozy beach will leave you thoroughly enthralled.

  1. Manly Beach

    Manly Beach in Sydney, Australia

Manly beach is one of the most popular beaches for youngsters to head to in Sydney. A splendid promenade and cosmopolitan mall add to the sight of young and beautiful sun-kissed visitors to the beach. A pleasing beach to visit, this is a great place to catch a wave if you happen to be a surfer. It’s also a great beach just to park yourself on the pristine sand and people-watch. This laid-back beach is one of the best beaches in Sydney, especially for those that aren’t into hardcore swimming or surfing.

  1. Camp Cove Beach

    Camp Cove Beach in Sydney, Australia

Offering some of the most breathtaking views of Sydney, Camp Cove beach lies near the mouth of the harbor. Facing westward, the beach offers east coasters the incredible chance to view the sunset over crystal clear waters. What makes this so popular is its proximity to a children’s playground, institutional fish & chips, and a pub. What more could one want!

  1. Shelly Beach

    Shelly Beach in Sydney, Australia

Just around the corner from Manly beach, this beach is a good alternative if Manly happens to be too crowded. Protected from the ocean swell, Shelly beach is a popular destination for scuba divers and surface paddle-boarders. But they aren’t the only ones taking complete advantage of the beach’s stunning ambiance. You will also find plenty of swimmers making the most of the calm waters here.

  1. Freshwater Beach

    Freshwater Beach in Sydney, Australia

This is among the most popular beaches for surfers to head to. It is also the famed beach where Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku first introduced surfing in the year 1915. This is reportedly the first time surfing was introduced to Australia. Only about 350 meters in length, the beach is not a particularly long one and has an eight-lane rock pool at the northern end. Apart from surfing, this is one of the best beaches for sunset body surfing as well.

  1. Palm Beach

    Palm Beach in Sydney, Australia

A picture-perfect sand destination, Palm Beach is among the most serene beaches to visit in Sydney. Although placed at a distance of about 45 km from the city, the drive to Palm Beach is well worth it as you’ll pass some amazing and breathtaking views along the way. Also among the calmer beaches, Palm Beach is the best choice if you happen to be the type of traveler preferring a secluded yet scenic locale.

Apart from the remarkable beaches mentioned above, there are several more beaches you can explore in Sydney. Some of the others include Milk beach, Garie beach, North Narrabeen beach, and Clovelly beach among scores of others. For a different locale, you can book cheap flights to India as well since the country has some spectacular beaches to offer just like Sydney.