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Parasites are microorganisms which live off other living forms. Anyone can get infected by parasites.

Parasites, if they increase in number, can cause diseases on the body. There are parasites that binge on your food. It is important to stay healthy.

There are others who feast on your red blood cells and there are some who breed an entire population in your body.

Some of the popular names you remember for parasites in human body are
● Tapeworms
● Hookworms
● Lambia
● Trichinella
● Dientamoeba fragillis
● Pinworms.

Do not worry. You are not the only person infested with parasites. A World Health Organization survey states parasite infection is common. You can also maintain your body fit by practicing some of the wellness activities like Yoga and meditation. Now let us look at the symptoms.

Do you want to know if parasites are in your body or if you are clean? These symptoms will help you to find out.

1. Chronic Digestion Problems

Are you facing stomach ache and running to the loo often? That is because of the existence of a large number of parasites in the stomach. Gas, constipation, bloating, burning sensation in the stomach and nausea are the symptoms.

2. Abdominal Pain

Parasites cause inflammation and irritation of the intestine. The symptoms will be a pain in the abdomen and bloated feelings. The parasites associated are tapeworm, hookworm or roundworm.

3. Anal Itching

If you face the above problem, then it is a sure sight of parasite infection, especially pinworms.

This is because the female pinworms will lay her eggs only around night. The eggs cause symptoms such as crawling sensation, severe itching or acute pain. The result – you may suffer from lack of sleep and restlessness.

4. Fatigue or Weakness

One of the most noticeable symptoms of a parasite infection. The parasites will feast on the minerals, nutrients found in your stomach. Your body stands to lose all the vital ingredients for growth and health.

Fatigue, weakness, loss of immunity set in giving risk to more diseases. Depression is another symptom which gives rise to more emotional problems. All the mentioned symptoms happen when your body does not get vital nutrients.

A larger concentration of parasites in the intestine will lead to more toxicity. Your stomach may have to work harder to eradicate the toxins.

5. Loss of weight and Appetite

Kindly note the symptoms
● If you feel hungry in the morning
● If you feel exhausted even after having a full meal
● If you suffer drastic weight loss and feel weak

Then you can conclude that you are suffering from infections of tapeworm or pinworm.

6. Change of Moods

A healthy intake and digestion of food are necessary for every living animal on the earth. Toxins make an appearance when your stomach stays infested with parasites and worms.

Negative feelings such as mood swings, anxiety, sorrow and depression set in. The reason – These toxins act with neurons or neurotransmitters in the brain.

Inflammation in the intestine can result in inflammation of the brain.

7. Grinding of Teeth

If you grind teeth during sleep, then it may be a sign of parasite infestation. The pseudonym for this disease is bruxism. Reasons for the side effect – parasite infection.

8. Anemia

Your body does not get the nutrients required for maintaining the daily health. In due course of time, this can lead to anemia.

9. Skin Problems

All said and done, anything left? Well, it is the skin problem. You can suffer from hives, rashes, sores, dry skin, loss of hair, brittle hair and other skin allergies.

To remain healthy and lead a happy life, it is mandatory that you exercise three times a week and have nutritious food. Also, if you are facing these symptoms, seek the advice of family elders or visit a physician.