Designing a logo

On all the products we use from dawn to dusk, the cars we drive and the clothes we wear, we are surrounded by logos. In fact, we see several signboards that are showing their logo. A study says that about 5000 logos are seen by us daily.

But, it does not happen all time that we also get impressed with them. Among them, there are only some logos that catch our attention and make us curious to find about that product more. Graphic designing is a good business with bright future and hence you must not do the mistake of designing your logo poorly. The one which cannot grab the attention of your customer and the one that is not eye-captivating.

So, do you really want to make a company logo that can create a lasting impression? Then, you must read this article for avoiding the mistakes, you may do:

  1. Mistake No 01: Drawing your logo yourself:

Business owners do this mistake when they think to create their logos by self or sometimes make their friends to do that. They do it because they want it fast. But, unfortunately, such type of logos fails to grab the attention of customers with only wastage of your money. Don’t add this toxicity to your established business and make the process complicated. There are many professionals who can ease your work as they have all knowledge of icons that can grab the attention of potential customers. Further, adding it with perfectly matched colors and fonts, they make your logo perfect. The thing to keep in mind is not to give this responsibility in the hands of unprofessional designers. It will not attract your prospective customer while you may lose your current customers also. Ultimately, no business can survive without a customer. And, hence it definitely becomes difficult for you also.

  1. Mistake No 02: Don’t forget your customers:

You are not creating your logo for yourself. You have to make it according to your customer’s taste. The color, fonts, and icons must be appealing to them. Beside this, you must have the knowledge about their ages to make it sure whether they want a playful graphics or one that shows trustworthiness? Beside this, a deep survey of their likes and dislikes may be helpful in this regard. And, it will be easy for you to make a company logo.

  1. Mistake No 03: Blindly follow your competitor:

Choose that colors, fonts or images that can show your business’s uniqueness. For example, we see that the brands of coca-cola and Pepsi are more or less same in taste but, they both use different colors so that their customers can differentiate between them. To impersonate your competitor is not a good thing to choose.

Yes, this is right to make contrast your logo with your competitor but don’t blindly follow all things, your competitor is doing. The logo that resembles any other brand fails to identify your customers with your message and will definitely create confusion. Your competitor is successful does not mean that you will be succeeded by following their concepts; they have used to make a company logo.

Get Mistake Free Logos:

In-depth knowledge of the process of creating logos is necessary but having mere knowledge is not needed at all time. Since your business is important and having focused on your logo design is necessary. Avoiding these mistakes means half the battle won. Make sure to get professional help from the logo designers and get your logo as according to your business needs.

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