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Traveling requires a great deal of effort, planning and working. On the outside, it may seem easy. Looking at the selfies of travelers around the world, you can never really tell how they made it all possible. Certainly, all travelers have to make an effort and everyone goes through struggles. In this article, we discuss the last minute traveling problems that travelers have to deal with commonly.

  1. Money Woes

Once you are done booking flights, hotels and making necessary arrangements, there is a high chance you may run into money troubles. Of course, if you make a proper budget and follow it, you will be just fine. For last minute money shortages, you can adopt a couple of methods. You can borrow money from a family member or friend. Or you can sell credit card points for cash. Converting the credit card points to airline miles is another option. Airline miles can then be redeemed to seek discounts.

  1. Flight Cancellations

Flight cancellations are quite a hassle. It is a shame when you go through so much trouble only to find out the flight has been canceled. Considering an airline’s reputation is at stake, good airlines absolutely do everything in their power to ensure no flight is canceled. But unforeseen issues like engine troubles and weather sometimes make it impossible for a flight to depart. It isn’t much you can do about flight cancellations. Do check up on the flight status before you leave for the airport. Now there are many apps and websites that keep track of flights.

  1. Packing Woes

Most people don’t pack until the last minute. This is when the troubles start. You don’t have time to waste, you can’t find your shoes and you cannot seem to utilize the space well. To avoid all this, start the packing process a week before. Maintain a list so you don’t forget anything important. Start putting things in your luggage at least 2 days before so that you have time to make amends and adjust things as necessary. Rolling clothes is a good option to utilize the space well and avoid creasing.

  1. Flight Delays

Just like a cancellation, there is little you can do about a flight delay. Avoid airlines that have a reputation of not following a strict schedule. And like advised above too, keep track of the flight status so you know about the delay beforehand.

  1. Security Checks

Security checks are important but they do become a hassle when you have a lot of luggage and are tired as well. To avoid this, you can earn the elite status or get the TSA approval for security clearance ahead of time. This way you don’t have to worry about standing in long queues.

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