Person holding an arrow for hunting

The country for hunters seems to be getting smaller, isn’t it? Well, that is partially true for hunters who are misinformed and do not know where to look. In truth, there are lots of places where hunters can go for adventurous hunts without even having to break the bank. Here, some of the uncommon yet great places for hunting are discussed. Hunters who are looking forward to the hunting season should put these locations on their bucket list and gear up for adventurous and successful hunting trips. Following are the top five most adventurous hunting trips that are not overly expensive.

The Alaska Moose

Wrapping up an entire moose hunt project for less than $2,000 seems too farfetched, right? Wrong. The locations or habitats where hunters should be looking for is Fairbanks. There are several urban areas, rolling hills, and bogs and swamps in an around Fairbanks where hunters should set their camp. So what should be the plan? After spotting one bull, the hunter must stalk it, and make the shot count. In case the hunter is looking forward to catching a large-sized bull, he or she must be well prepared.

Talkeetna, Alaska (Bears, Wolves, Moose, etc.)

If a hunter is looking to hunt carnivores and it is a special passion of the hunter, Talkeetna in Alaska is the ideal spot. Apart from the travelling costs, the stay and supplies over there are truly cheap. The local bears there stand over nine feet tall and there is also a healthy presence of native moose population. The basic rules of hunting in Talkeetna are very hunter friendly as well. It would be good to keep the following in mind:

  • Hunting bears are allowed throughout the year.
  • Hunting wolves is allowed throughout the year.
  • Animals such as moose, waterfowl, and sheep are allowed to be hunted only during the late summer season.

The months of August and September are two ideal months for taking a hunting trip to this place. The sheer number and diversity of animals coupled with the challenging conditions that Talkeetna present make it ideal for hunters to use the best AR 15 Scope.

Idaho Elk

Idaho boasts a great population of elk and good bulls. There is no shortage of adventurous areas to explore as well. The best location to hunt in is the Sawtooth National Forest. The forest covers almost 2 million acres and is full of pine trees, pastures, foothills and vertical canyons.

South Dakota Mule Deer

Solid mule bucks surely are present in South Dakota. In addition to that, there is plenty of public lands available, with comparatively low levels of hunting pressure. Moreover, you will also find dependable inhabitants and great trophy potential.

Wyoming Antelope

There’s no place on the earth that offers so many speed goats. For a hunter who is new to Western hunting, Wyoming is the ideal place. The central State land is ideal for hunting antelopes.

These five locations are must-visit for every hunter looking to improve his skills and most importantly, feel the real thrill of hunting.