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To travel is to live!

That’s what these people vouch for. Who?

Travel bloggers of course! They are people who took the passion of traveling to a whole new level. Be it mountains, desert or serene locales of azure waters, a travel blogger gives people some serious life goals.

Here are 6 best travel blogs handled by some amazing globetrotters-

The Wanderer

Siddhartha Joshi goes by the label “The Wanderer” and has his name mentioned internationally in numerous newspaper, magazines, and websites. This traveler, designer, and photographer have traveled the world and offers complete itinerary on each one of his write-ups. The list includes Africa, Asia, United States, Europe, Australia, and India obviously.

Anki on the Move

Fed up with the daily schedule of 9 to 5 and want to make a move around the world? Well, about a bulk number of yes response on that is but obvious! However, Ankita Sinha actually did that by going on an all-India road trip after quitting her job. She took up traveling more as a profession and started blogging about it. Her love for traveling even made her achieve some prestigious awards like the GCC Puraskar and the IB Awards 2013 and writes one of the best travel blogs in India!

My Haute Life

Talking about what the best travel blogs should be composed of, My Haute Life by Sonam Lakhani is definitely one of those. In her recent travel post, she blogs about her activities in Lapland and leaves one entranced with some breath-taking photographs and beautiful narration.

Along with traveling, she blogs about fashion, food, beauty, lifestyle and describes herself as a jet-setting storyteller. Her story is inspiring enough for all travel maniacs who wish to conquer and explore endlessly!

The Urge to Wander

Just by seeing the name one can make sure the zeal with which Madhu Shetty blogs about her travel experience. An interior designer by profession, she has made traveling an ardent part of her life and blogs about travel destinations, reviews as well as resources. She is indeed the complete travel guide for a travel fanatic.

Devil on Wheels

As quirky the name suggests, this space founded by Deepak Sharma is one of the best travel blogs in India for many evident reasons. His stories give reasons and ways and also share tips to plan a trip within budget. He generally blogs about his trips to mountains and valleys and identifies himself as a happy traveling soul.

A Boy Who Travels

As simple as the name suggests, Shubham Mansigka is a travel-enthusiast and loves everything about traveling. He shares about his travelogues and explorations of wide trails of mountain and plains, their culture and delicacies. He takes his readers along with him virtually by describing the glimpses of each destination vividly. His travel tales come with a twist and keeps a reader on the edge by some visually appealing photographs.

The above people have dared to live the life they have always dreamt of and now have made them the reality. Reading about their travel stories will stir up any soul to set out in quest of the unknown!