With the emergence of social media, businesses have been smart in capitalizing on the opportunity to capture more audiences and boost their brand recognition. And hence many brands are focusing on adding Instagram as a part of their social media strategy.

The prime reason that brands prefer Instagram is because the platform is a hub for visual-based content. And we all know the influence of visual-based content – they help express the message better and provide the vibe to attract the viewer’s attention.

So, if you are thinking about using Instagram for your marketing purpose, then you have made the right decision. And if the competition is concerning you, then don’t worry; we have you back; for your convenience, we have listed 6 amazing tips that might help you utilize the platform to a great potential.

Instagram marketing tips

Undoubtedly Instagram provides a great platform to promote your brand. Still, due to high competition, you need to have some smart strategies that help you utilize the platform and help you get an edge over your competitors. And for that, you can adapt the following tips.

1.    Optimize your Instagram profile

Consider this as the most important Instagram marketing strategy. Often businesses make the mistake that they operate with Instagram without optimizing them. And hence sometimes fails to utilize the platform to its full potential.

To begin with, convert your Instagram account to a business account. Business accounts make a huge difference, as it allows you to provide communication details with your followers. And as customers will be able to establish communication with your brand, it will help you increase your brand reputation. Other amazing features that it provides include analytics that helps you examine the performance of your post and know what types of posts performed well on the platform and hence you can make further plans accordingly.

Also, while optimizing, make sure that you provide needed information on your profile. In your bio, write about your brand and provide information on how your products can make a difference in the consumer’s life. While you are at it, make sure that you provide a web link to your website so that people can also get to know about your online presence.

2.    Embed Instagram posts on the website

While you paste the web link of your website, you can even work vice versa. You can even embed Instagram posts on the website. There are various tools like social media aggregators that help you in embedding Instagram posts on the website.

As we all know, Instagram is known for vibrant and colorful content, by embedding them on the website, you can increase the liveliness of your website. At the same time, it helps you in converting your visitors into your customers. As it provides social proof to your visitors, the vibrancy also helps maintain a good impression on your visitors. It also provides a boost to user-generated content related to your business. This eventually boosts the reach of your brand and enhances brand recognition.

Also, as it provides a sneak into your Instagram presence, visitors also get to know about your Instagram presence, which helps you straighten your Instagram presence and eventually increase market presence.

3.    Use Instagram features to bring variations

Instagram provides you with the facility to provide variations of content using different features. For example, you can upload reels to provide some of the highlighted features of your brand. Or upload IGTV video to showcase the story of your brand/upload behind the scenes.

You can even upload images of your product or upload images of your users using your brand. You can also showcase your creativity as you can use trending topics or trending hashtags for your content.

4.    Hashtags are the key

One cannot afford to ignore hashtags while mentioning the Instagram strategy. Hashtags are a great marketing tool. You can use hashtags in a great way. For example, you can run your custom hashtag and ask your followers to participate, as it helps get more audience and boosts the reach of your content.

Or you can use hashtags related to your industry, so your content reaches the target audience. For this, you can go through the competitor’s posts and look for their hashtags. Hashtags will categorize your content under one umbrella, and hence it will help you reach your potential customers.

5.    Engage with your customers

Followers and customers feel respected and valued when a brand responds to their messages or engages in kind. Instagram provides various ways to interact with the audience. You can either revert to the comments or comment on the posts from your customers.

Or you can use other features such as Instagram Live, where you can answer all your customers’ queries or talk to them. Other measures are conducting polls, quizzes, and more.

6.    Collab with influencers

Influencers are social media celebrities that have a huge following list. They can be actors, sportspersons, key content creators. You can collaborate with influencers and provide a boost to your brand recognition.

It provides a face to your brand and eventually helps you strengthen your Instagram presence as these influencers bring a large number of followers. You can also organize Instagram live with them or make them your brand ambassadors.

Ending Note

Instagram is an influential social media platform. And using it in a marketing plan is a smart way to attain more audience and boost the brand’s reach beyond geographical boundaries. While you are preparing social media strategies that involve Instagram, you can use the tips mentioned above and get an edge over your competitors.