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Are you looking for a new way to engage with your audience? If so, Instagram takeovers are the perfect solution. They’re an effective way to reach out to influencers and collaborators who can share their unique perspectives and help bring life to your brand.

An Instagram takeover is when an individual or group takes over a social media account for a specific time. During this period, they will post content on behalf of the brand, sharing their insights and ideas with followers in a fun and engaging way.

But how do you pull off an awesome Instagram takeover? This article will explain eight simple steps to help you plan and execute an effective takeover. We’ll discuss choosing the right person or group for your campaign, setting up clear rules and expectations, and promoting your efforts before, during, and after the event. By following these steps, you can be sure your Instagram takeover will go off without a hitch!

8 Simple Steps To Pull Off Awesome Instagram Takeover

Step 1: Define Your Goals

Before launching your Instagram takeover, it is crucial to define your goals. By setting realistic objectives, you can ensure that the takeover delivers value for your brand. This can include increasing followers, gaining post engagement, or driving website traffic. It also helps to decide on a target audience, ensuring that you reach the most relevant users with your content.

When deciding on your goals, you should also consider the timeframe of the takeover. For example, you may want to focus on building your followers over the long term, or you may want to promote a specific product or campaign quickly.

Additionally, it is crucial to determine how much time you can allocate to creating content, hosting activities, and engaging with your followers during the takeover.

Once your goals have been defined, it is time to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Find A Perfect Influencer

When looking for an influencer to take over your Instagram account, you must remember specific criteria. Remember that the influencer should be a good fit for your brand and have a following that aligns with your target audience. Look at their past content and ensure it is a good fit for your brand.

When selecting an influencer, focus on finding someone who shares a passion for your brand and understands how to reach your target audience. You should also ensure that the influencer can create content consistent with your brand aesthetic.

Look at the influencer’s engagement rate and their followers’ engagement rate to determine if they will bring the right kind of attention to your brand. A reasonable engagement rate would be a minimum of 4%. Once you have found an influencer you believe will fit your brand well, you should contact them and discuss the takeover terms.

It is an excellent idea to negotiate with the influencer and ensure that the takeover terms are clear from the start. Ensure both parties know the brand’s expectations, compensation, and other pertinent information.

Once all the details are established, you can move to the next step, creating a content plan.

Step 3: Employ Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most potent tools for garnering attention on Instagram. They are designed to make your content easier to find for those searching the platform for specific topics. When used strategically, hashtags can help widen your reach and grow your audience.

When incorporating hashtags into your takeover, it is essential to be creative and use hashtags that make sense for the topic and the content you post. It is also vital to ensure your hashtags are relevant to your target audience. The more specific you are in your hashtag selection, the better the chances of reaching the right people. Popular hashtags should also be included, but don’t overstuff your content with hashtags, as they can be distracting and look spammy.

When crafting the perfect hashtag, think beyond the hashtags related to the products and services you promote. Additionally, use upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols to make it more memorable when including hashtags.

Step 4: Craft Quality Content

If you want to ensure a successful Instagram takeover, quality content is critical. Your goal should be to craft interesting, informative, and engaging posts for your followers. Here are a few tips for creating quality content for your Instagram takeover:

  1. Choose a relevant theme. Before you start crafting posts, consider the topics relevant to your brand and your target audience. Choosing a theme that will appeal to your followers and resonate with them is essential.
  2. Come up with an exciting hook. Every post should not be the same. You want it to be exciting and engaging. Think of an interesting hook to grab their attention. If you’re talking about shoes, come up with a funny caption or an exciting start to grab their attention.
  3. Invest time in curating content. Crafting quality content takes time. So be sure to invest enough time and effort into creating engaging and relevant content. A well-curated post can go a long way in increasing engagement.
  4. Include polls, quizzes, stories, and GIFs. Consider including polls, quizzes, stories, and GIFs to make your content more engaging. This is especially important if you’re looking to increase user interaction.
  5. Use visuals. Visual content is powerful. Consider using interesting visual elements to make your content more attractive and engaging. You could use images, videos, GIFs, memes, etc.
  6. Leverage user-generated content. User-generated content is an effective way to increase engagement. Ask your followers to upload their content to your Instagram takeover. You can also feature other influencers who have collaborated with you.

Step 5: Select A Type Of Takeover

Regarding Instagram takeovers, marketers have a wide range of options. Understanding each type is essential as they can have different benefits and challenges. Below are some of the more popular Instagram takeovers marketers can use to achieve their goals.

●     Guest Takeover:

This type of takeover allows an influencer, partner, or guest to take over an account for a predetermined time. This type of takeover is excellent for leveraging the guest’s influence and audience to promote a brand’s message further. It also can be used in partnership with a campaign or to gain visibility for a new product or service.

●     Follower Takeover:

This type of takeover allows followers to submit content on the brand’s behalf. This type of takeover is excellent for giving followers a voice in the brand’s presence on Instagram and allowing the follower to act as an ambassador.

●     Content Takeover:

This type of takeover allows a brand to hand off control of content creation to an individual or group. This takeover allows content creators to showcase their unique style and engage followers with authentic content.

●     Theme Takeover:

This type of takeover allows a brand to hand off content creation to an individual or group to produce a themed set of content. This can be an excellent way for brands to explore different concepts and ideas while having a cohesive look and feel.

Regardless of the type of takeover, the brand and the influencer or content creator must be clear about their expectations and goals. This will ensure that the Instagram takeover will be a success for both parties.

Step 6: Promote On Other Social Media Platforms

Promoting your Instagram Takeover on other social media platforms is vital in getting your content noticed and seen by a wider audience. It is a great way to increase your Instagram Takeover’s engagement. With some effective promotion, you can also increase your follower count and the chances of people seeing your future posts.

When promoting your Instagram Takeover, it is essential not to be too salesy or promotional. Be sure to emphasize the value that you are offering to the audience. Focus on how you are offering valuable content or experiences. Creating compelling visuals for your promotional posts and providing a link to your Instagram profile are essential so people can easily find you.

For example, if you are hosting an Instagram Live session, you could post on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn highlighting the topics discussed in the Live session and inviting people to join in. Or, you could create a short video giving people a glimpse of what to expect from your takeover and directing people to your Instagram profile.

Step 7: Schedule Your Instagram Takeover

Before starting your Instagram takeover, the first thing you need to plan is when it should start. Generally, an Instagram takeover will last anywhere from one day to a week, but you must decide how long yours will be. Make sure to consider the content you have planned and the resources you have available.

Once you have a timeline for your takeover, the next step is to schedule your posts. Create a content calendar that outlines the content you’ll post each day, when it will be posted, and who will be posting it. You can also plan interactions with your followers, stories, polls, or contests. Leave some room for spontaneity so you can respond quickly to your followers’ comments and messages.

Planning ahead of time allows you to create a social media content promotion schedule to focus on your takeover while it’s happening. It also ensures that your posts are delivered on time and are distributed evenly throughout the day.

By scheduling your Instagram takeover in advance, you can organize your content and provide helpful information to your followers. With proper planning, you can have a successful and engaging Instagram takeover that reaches a broad audience and positively impacts your business.

Step 8: Track And Analyze Your Progress

Tracking and analyzing your progress is essential to determining if your Instagram Takeover succeeded. This will also help you identify areas you need to improve in the future. Here are some key metrics to track before, during, and after your takeover:

– Reach: How many people are viewing the content that you posted?

– Engagement: How many people like, comment, and share the content you posted?

– Followers: How many people are actively following your Instagram account?

– Performance: Are you reaching your goals, such as gaining followers or engaging with potential customers?

Once you’ve collected the relevant data, you must analyze it to determine if you achieved your desired results. Consider the following questions:

– What types of content were successful?

– What type of content resonated the most with your target audience?

– How successful was your call to action?

– How did different types of content perform regarding reach, engagement, and followers?

Analyzing your results will help you identify where you succeeded and where you need to make improvements. This data can also inform your future Instagram Takeovers, allowing you to tailor your content to maximize your reach and engagement. By tracking and analyzing your progress, you can ensure that your Instagram Takeover is successful.


Hosting an Instagram Takeover is a great way to increase brand awareness, build further relationships with influencers, and boost sales. By following the eight simple steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your Instagram Takeover is a huge success. With the right influencer and content, you can break through the noise and reach your target audience. Don’t be afraid to experiment, be creative, and think outside the box. Instagram Takeovers are an excellent opportunity for you to become the social media star you have always wanted to be. So, why wait? Go out there and take control of Instagram!

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