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Mobile phone recycling has become necessary nowadays because of the rapid phone upgrade that is happening. Most phones are manufactured and marketed while the old versions are swiftly becoming obsolete. If you want to have the best deals in selling and recycling cell phones then perhaps you should consider mobile phone recycling comparison websites to make the most money from your old phone.

This article aims to provide you a great piece of information regarding what is mobile phone recycling, how it is beneficial, why to opt for it, and how to get the best cash out of an old phone. All the common questions that come to mind of every phone’s owner who is ready to sell their old unwanted phone have been explained here. Hope you will get the best guidance for selling and recycling mobile phones.

What is Mobile Phone Recycling?

Mobile phone recycling is the latest craze growing enormously across the UK.

According to recent stats, almost 125 million mobile phones are lying around unused in the UK that can be recycled. The reason behind this huge amount of wastage is that people prefer to upgrade their phones every 11-18 months.

This mobile jumble is seriously hazardous for both environment and human beings as cell phones are full of harmful substances. The lead, mercury, barium, chromium, selenium, antimony, cadmium, beryllium, and polyvinyl chloride are some of them that make a mobile phone a detrimental device. Therefore, you should not treat old handsets as junk by leaving them in cupboards/ drawers or throwing them outside.

Mobile phone recycling is the best way of disposing of old phones in a safe and lucrative manner. In the latest recycling practice, mobile phone recycling companies buy old, unused, unwanted, and even damaged phones for recycling and pay off a good price. After this, these Recyclers send them to manufacturers for recycling; they are reworked, refurbished, and made available for resale in markets.

Mobile phones also contain some precious materials like gold, metal, glass, and plastics that can be extracted and reused in new products. So by recycling your phone, you are essentially eliminating its bad effects on the environment.

Why Is It Good to Choose Mobile Phone Recycling?

Without any doubt, you can play a vital part in promoting Green environment using mobile phone recycling. It’s not a single benefit that you can get from phone recycling, there are lots of others that make it a good choice for every phone user.

One of the significant advantages is that you can earn some potential money through this. Yes, mobile phone recycling companies give you a great chance to turn your old phone into cash. Generally, the price depends on the make, model, and condition of a phone. If you sell an iPhone, it will be having more worth than any other smartphone. Further, you can also sell your faulty or broken phones for recycling and fetch some money.

Furthermore, you can give your old phone as a charity. There are also some recycling companies that accept old phones for donations. Thus, by doing this, you can get peace of mind because in this way you are helping some needy people.

How to Recycle an Old Phone?

It is an obvious question that will come to your mind if you get inspired by mobile phone recycling. The answer is quite simple, recycling companies. Yes, you can sell your old phone for cash to a recycling firm.

Mobile phone recycling firms have made phone recycling easier than ever before. As they are offering their services online these days, you have no need to make random calls for hiring their services. Just go to a recycling website, find your mobile value, and sell it. Then, your selected recycler will send you a postage envelop to your home and you have to package their phone in it and send it back to them. Once they get your device, they inspect it thoroughly and get paid you the price via cheque or bank transfer.

The whole online selling or recycling procedure is very simple and swift and takes a few seconds. However, finding a reliable recycling firm is a relatively daunting task. But no worries, we have a quick solution for you and that is mobile phone recycling comparison.

Why Consider Mobile Phone Recycling Comparison Website?

The concept of mobile phone recycling comparison websites is fairly new but it’s tremendously acceptable. The reason is that it has made very easy to find a right recycling website that will pay you the best possible price for your mobile device.

It requires nominal time in making a comparison of numerous recycling websites so that you can easily find the top available deal to sell your phone.

If you start browsing mobile phone recycling websites on your own, you will discover it a time and energy consuming task. You will have to search through a search engine again and again and go through the recycling sites individually one by one to know their offerings. It also involves some troubles as there is a possibility that when you decide to pick deal then the recycler has changed the price. In this situation, you will have to choose any other one or perform the entire procedure from scratch.

How Does a Mobile Recycling Comparison Website Work?

Are you curious to know what and how does a recycling comparison site work? The answer is here.

A Mobile phone recycling comparison website works like a search engine and allows users to search for the top-paying recycling websites.So that they can generate the maximum income in exchange for their old phones.

The key thing to know is that comparison websites are linked with top-rated recycling websites to present their offerings at one place for the convenience of people who want to sell their phones. These comparison websites use advanced comparison tools for making an unbiased and impartial comparison among the recycling sites. As a result, they offer topmost prices in a very short time and without any hassle.

Why Opt For

SellTheMobile is the UK’s largest comparison website that lets you get the highest price for your phone you no longer use. Whether you want to sell an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or any smartphone of another brand, you can avail the best deal available.

The procedure of mobile phone recycling through is very simple and quick as it is mentioned below;

  • Search for your phone by entering the details into the search bar or choose your device from the listed products.
  • Once you write off, the online price comparison tool will start working and present you a list of top deals offered by top recycling websites at one place. The fair price comparison is just a matter of second at SellTheMobile.
  • Then, you just have to pick up the top recommended deal.Once you confirm the online process, you will have to send your phone in a postage envelope to your selected recycler. Your payment will be done the same day as the recycler collects your phone.

Last Words

In the conclusion, choosing a mobile phone recycling comparison website is a wise decision you should make for selling or recycling your phone. With a comparison website, you will surely get the highest value for your old phone. As it requires a few seconds to compare numerous recycling websites, it also saves hours and gives you ultimate satisfaction.