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Find out how drinking purified water can work wonders for your health:

The other day I finished reading a captivating book named “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water”.

What impressed me the most from reading this book, is that the author establishes a clear link between the benefits of drinking pure water and our overall wellness.

As the author of the book says, the importance of drinking water is very crucial for our health.

To prove his point, he mentions examples of some common ailments and proves, using medical terms, that the underlying cause for these ailments is the fact that we don’t drink enough water.

I show you some of the examples right below:

Headaches and migraines

We all suffer from headaches, or even worse migraines now and then. Some of us more and some others less severely. What you might find interesting to learn, is that more often than not, we should blame ourselves for not drinking enough water.

You see, 75% of our brain consists of water and when it detects that there is a shortage of it, it produces histamines which cause pain and fatigue.

The intention is to make us slow down our activities, so as to maintain the minimum water quantity that will allow our brain to function properly.

So, the next time you think that your head will explode from a splitting headache, resist the temptation of taking an aspirin and do this: Drink a full glass of fresh, pure water and then sit back and unwind for half an hour. More often than not, you will be amazed. Your headache will just go away!

Back Pain

Another one of the benefits of drinking water is that it helps us better cope with the distress and pain of a sore back.

Permit me to be more clear on what I mean.

The discs which our back consists of, have a hard external surface while inside they are filled with water.

Provided that the quantity of the water is maintained at an adequate level, then the discs are performing their function well. This meaning that they are robust enough to help our backbone support the weight of our body.

Being flexible, our discs respond to the varying pressure exerted on them when we move our upper body, by shifting their shape. When they do this, water that stands around in our body is sucked inside the discs.

As long as there is enough water around, then our discs have no problem, as they are properly filled with fluid.

The problem begins when we don’t replenish our body’s natural stock of water by drinking enough quantities. When the discs are shifting, then there is not enough water around them to be sucked inside, as explained above.

The result is devastating: The internal fluids are gradually depleted and so the outer shell of the discs is no longer supported.

Without this support, our poor discs are helpless, as the whole weight of the body is shifted on them! Pain and swelling ensue, putting us in distress and agony.

High blood pressure

Believe it or not, deprivation of water is also one of the probable causes of hypertension, better known as high blood pressure.

You probably don’t know this, but it has long been established that high blood pressure more often than not occurs when the total volume of our blood goes down.

Considering now that more than 80% of our blood consists of water, then it is easy to realize that dehydration can very well lead to blood volume loss.

In reaction to the reduced volume of blood, our body directs most of the blood flow to the most vital organs, shutting off supply to less important ones. This self-adjustment produces hypertension throughout the blood circulatory system.

In summary, the examples I gave you above are just a few of the many health benefits of drinking water, for you and your family as well.

However, I should stress the following:

Not all water that we get at our houses is created equal. Its quality varies greatly, depending on a lot of factors such as where it originates (could be groundwater or surface water), the kind of treatment it undergoes, etc.

The subject of water quality is a very diverse one and is surely beyond the scope of this article. My personal opinion is that it is definitely worth it to spend some time investigating the issue and decide on taking action to ensure that the water at your house is the purest it can be.

So my advice to you is that you must use a good water filter or a best water filter pitcher very quickly. Don’t drink tap water because this is very harmful to growing human bodies.