Playing Quiz games on Smartphone

Trivia games and quiz games have dominated the media over the past several decades. Hits Family Feud, and are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader has retained their popularity through this day, even up for years. While it’s fun attempt to win, there are ways that you can enjoy that kind of fun yourself. Here are the quiz games and trivia games for Android!

Jackbox Party Pack 1 and 2:

However, each package comes with about five games each and gives you a total of ten matches. Included are a few trivia games, and quiz games, including You, Do not Know Jack, Fibiger Dreadful, Lie Swatter, and many others. It also comes with Android TV support. The games are goofy and if you do not mind the cost, can be a good deal of fun.

Logo Game:

Logo Game is one of the free quiz games on the market Android. This one is a simple game, and then you must guess the brand. It comprises 73 levels, and the problem increases the longer you play. Additionally, it includes Google Play Games services, including achievements and leaderboards. It is surprisingly large for a game. It’s among the more straightforward quiz games. However, it’s fantastic for those on a budget.

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Habanero Quiz Apps:

They have four quiz games. They include the famous Quizoid Alongside Quiz-Bingo, Ruiz, and Celebrity Quiz. Quizoid is a standard game. It has a standard format and classes. Celebrity Quiz is also a typical game quiz. There’s Ruiz. You have to supply answers. It doesn’t ask you questions. Quiz-Bingo is a mix of a bingo game and a quiz game. Two of them are unique. Both are relatively run-of-the-mill, although above average. They are all pretty good, though.

Quizup :

Quizup is one of the most famous quiz games out there. By answering questions faster, players score more points. Those players who score more points wins the game. There is a slew of categories, and the number consistently expands. There are also individual categories. They come out around significant events such as holidays, movie releases, etc.. It’s a bit more social than many trivia games. That could be bad or good depending on what you’re looking.

This or That’s:

This or That’s a comedy quiz game. You’ll need to choose one of two situations. If you pick what the vast majority of people selected, you win. It is a simple game that focuses more on getting laughs than a challenge. New questions are added on a frequent basis. You may make your issues. It’s one of the quiz games that are simple. It is also for audiences. We wouldn’t recommend this one for kids.

Trivia 360:

It is looks and feels just like a traditional style trivia game. It is looks and feels just like a conventional style trivia game. It comes with thousands of true or false questions, questions, riddles, and categories. There are also leaderboards to see how well you are doing. Apart from that, it’s a trivia game that is relatively simple. It’s a puzzle game that is simple. About the only downsides are that the questions are the US. Also, there is no way to eliminate them and some ads. Aside from that, it is not bad.

What If:

You’ll be given a scenario. Your task is to choose whether you would do it or not. This one does have a winner or loser. Answering the question will allow you to see how people voted. There are to select. If you would like to, you can create your own. It is one of the quiz games. Not more than that, although it’s a good idea to kill a couple of minutes.