Countless times we have been to the gym with a motivation for getting a perfect body but eventually, slow down and start to skip it and forget about it due to our busy routines.

Here are some of the most frequent gym mistakes:

I am not afraid

A person laying on the floor of Gym

Mostly on their first week to the gym, everyone is energetic with a headphone on and instead of going for the lightweights they directly jump to heavyweights. Being energetic and optimistic is good but you have to understand that muscles don’t work in this way. You have to gradually go for the right weight according to your strength. Lifting heavy weight in the first week will lead to sore muscles and extreme pain which will be a reason to skip your gym in the coming days, so be slow and steady – go for light weights and keep good attention to your angles, lifting in wrong angles can lead to muscle deformity.

I am busy

Guy looking at his wrist watch

After a few days of hitting the gym, most of the guys find some excuses to skip the gym or the first-week muscle pain makes them quit it. Before going to the gym make a schedule and fix a time for your gym, it can morning or in the evening whichever suits you. Be regular – and by being regular I don’t literally mean every day. Depending on your aims and instruction by professionals some people visit the gym every day while some visits 3 – 4 times in a week.

The Muscle Man

A bodybuilder working out in Gym

There is a muscle man in every gym. Every guy interacts with him for tips, exercise and supplement suggestions. Believe me, never ever do this!

We all have different body types. Supplements and exercise which works for one may not work for others. Ask a professional about supplements and exercise best for you. Do some research about the ingredients of various supplements and which will match your body aims. There are plenty of online shopping websites selling supplements with professional advisers.

The one with the Phone

Person is talking over phone

Personally, top of the hate list. I don’t understand why people wander with a phone in their hands while they are at the gym, after every set they will take a break of 10 minutes to check their phone or stand in front of a mirror to take pictures. If you are fond of music just decide a playlist and let it be, don’t go for your phone after every set – this not only disturbs your exercise but also gives plenty of unnecessary relaxation time to your muscles.

The Copycat

Usually, rookies are copycats, a guy with a good body shape is the center of attention in the gym and every rookie tries to copy his workout. Hire an instructor if you are new to the gym but avoid copying anyone because you don’t know but maybe the person you are trying to copy, he is doing it all wrong. If you cannot afford an instructor, visit any online store and find a guidebook for gym newbies.

These were the top gym mistakes which I have seen several times and somehow I have also practiced it in my early days to the gym, hope you are not practicing them but if you are – try to avoid it from today!

Best of Luck!

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