how to treat a hematoma

Have you ever have bruises under your skin when you bumped into something yet? Those bruises are very common after a small trauma and as known as a hematoma. You are struggling to know how to treat a hematoma so after reading this article you will find out some effective way to deal with it.

What is Hematoma?

A hematoma is a reddish-blue swelling that appears when a collection of blood pools out of the blood vessels. It can form under your skin or in any part of your body. A hematoma can be tiny, just a spot of blood under the skin, or in some cases, it is huge and leads to severe swelling.

You can see the hematoma after you got a blunt trauma or bumped into something that causes the blood vessels to burst and blood leak out. Hematoma has many types of location, size, and severity. For instance, with the location, it can appear anywhere in your body, and the hematoma also is described follow where it locates such as spinal, subdural, liver (hepatic), under the toenail or fingernail (subungual), or ear.

Your body totally can activate the blood clotting to repair the blood vessels which are damaged. Nonetheless, with some people who have issues with blood clotting system or the hematoma is too large and cannot stop bleeding, the repair may fail. If it is a small hematoma, no problem but in a severe case, that person can be shocked due to significant bleeding.

The blood from the damaged vessels when leaking outside very irritated and can lead to some symptoms related to inflammation such as swelling, redness, and pain. Besides, the location of hematoma also decides the severity and the symptoms that you may get. In some cases, the symptoms may be a headache, back pain, confusion, seizures, discoloration, nail loss, loss of bowel or bladder control (due to epidural hematoma), and abdominal pain or flank pain (due to hematoma in the liver, spleen, or peritoneal hematoma).

The treatment for hematoma depends on the body tissue or organ which is affected. If you get the hematoma in the visceral organ, you should visit the doctor immediately to have prompt treatment. If the hematoma stays superficial of soft tissue and under the skin, dealing with it becomes easier by some methods in this article.

How to treat a hematoma?

Having a hematoma under the skin makes you feel uncomfortable due to its symptoms, and you seem to be unconfident when contact with others. Are you wondering whether there any simple way to treat hematoma quickly? Beside apply the “familiar formula” RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation), you can find out some remedies with ingredients that are available in your home after reading this article.

1. Roll an Egg

If you want to get rid of bruise and hematoma, eggs are an effective choice that this article mentions first. There are many tiny holes on the surface of the egg likes the small pipes which lead to a heart of gold.

Before performing this method, the egg should be boiled. After that, quickly and gently roll up the egg on the location of hematoma or bruise. You have to make sure the egg is still hot. Pressure will be created, and black blood will be sucked into the heart of gold. Repeat this remedy for few times, and you can see the result very quickly.

2. Ice

Ice is known as an effective way to deal with a hematoma. When you are using the ice on the bruise, the blood vessels will be stimulated and react by contraction. Therefore, your condition will improve, reduce the pain, swelling, and certainly, you will feel comfortable.

However, after using the cold to apply, you should use a warm towel to apply gently to the bruise skin areas. It has the effectiveness of blood circulation and improves your condition.

3. Cabbage

Cabbage is a vegetable that contains an anti-inflammatory substances. It also brings an effective treatment if you want to get rid of a bruise or hematoma.

Take the cabbage juice by squeezing its leaf. Using a pad of cotton to soak into the cabbage juice and then apply this one to the hematoma skin areas. You should repeat this remedy for a few days, and it can show you substantial effectiveness.

4. Apple cider vinegar

Do you know the apple cider vinegar has wonderful effectiveness in treating swelling, inflammation and especially bruising trauma? Therefore, you should try this simple method if you want to get rid of a hematoma.

To perform this method, you prepare apple cider vinegar with some slices of onion. Mixing these ingredients and using a cotton ball to soak in the mixture. Apply the cotton ball to the hematoma skin areas directly and wait for the result.

5. Coffee

That sounds strange, but coffee is truly efficient to get rid of a hematoma. Applying the coffee powder on the bruised skin. Keeping it stay by bandaging for an hour. After that duration, remove the bandage and rinse carefully.

On the other hand, with some people who go to sleep late and not enough time, their eyes will appear the dark circles and that truly annoying. In this case, the coffee powder can help them by using cotton to apply it to those circles and relax for 10 minutes. Remember to avoid the coffee powder fall into the eyes because it can be so dangerous.

6. Oyster

Oyster is a popular and flavorful dish because of the high level of its nutritional value. Using oyster is known as a method of treating some diseases, and both its shell and meat are efficient.

In this article, the oyster is introduced in getting rid of hematoma and bruise.

First of all, you should remove the meat out, scrape the shell and wash it carefully. Put the shell into a closed pot and bake it. Leave them cool down and then pulverize to become the powder.

Mix a tablespoon of oyster’s shell powder with a small cup of warm water. Drink this mixture twice a day one in the morning and another in the evening.

7. Margarine

Some people especially children can be scared when they have to apply the ice, or in other words the cold feeling on their skin. Therefore, using margarine in treating a hematoma is a good choice for them. You just have to apply it to the bruise skin areas, and it can improve the condition and reduce swelling.

8. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil truly impacts efficiently on the hematoma areas. Apply the coconut oil with enough amount of it on bruised skin areas, and you can see a positive difference.

A hematoma is a popular trauma that everyone can have at least once but with different locations, sizes and severity. You entirely can treat it at home by some methods in this article. Nonetheless, if your condition is severe, you should receive the consultation of the doctor to have treatment promptly.