Massaging back pain

Back pain is a condition which can sometimes happen by just picking up the smallest thing on the floor by bending over. Sometimes these pains are only for few hours or days. These are called acute back pains which come and go from time to time. Then there is chronic back pain which persists for a more extended period and most annoying. The reason behind this can be various like heavy lifting, mediocre quality food or wrong posture.

Here are best tips that will help you to manage and avoid the back pains naturally.


The cannabis plant generates CBD oil which is great essential oil. CBD oil does not have much quantity of THC. That is why it is considered to be non-psychoactive and entirely safe for treatment without getting high.

According to researchers, CBD oil has a compound in it which is inflammatory and help to reduce both acute and chronic pains. People have been using the CBD oil for back pains, and reports have shown some very compelling results in those people. You should know how to take CBD oil, so that you can experience the best possible effects. 2.5 mg to 20 mg dose is used for back pains. If you are a beginner, take the minimal dosage.

Lighten your Load

One reason to have back pain is heavy lifting. So try to minimize this practice from your life if you are facing the problem of back pain. Carrying heavy bags can also trigger the back pain. Carry only the things with you which are necessary. For bulky items use some rolling cart or bag with wheels, so you do not have to lift heavy luggage all the time.

Maintain Good Posture

A lousy poster can put a strain on your muscles and spine which can lead you to back pains. So to avoid this, you need to maintain the excellent poster either you are sitting or standing. Always sit on a comfortable chair with your back straight and chin up; this reduces the stress on the spine. And this position gives the more oxygen access to muscles and improves the blood flow.

Improve your Food Intake

You need to have healthy foods to lose weight because overweight can also put pressure on back muscles which cause the back pain. Have more calcium and vitamin D in your diet because it strengthens the bone structure of the body. For this, you can have yogurt, milk, red grapes, leafy greens, fish, eggs and cheese.

There are also certain foods which you need to avoid managing your back pain like pasta, fried foods, snacks, pastries, sugary drinks, etc.


I hope you get relief from your back pain by following these tips. You can add these tips to your daily lives to avoid any inconveniences in future too. If you have any effective tip to manage back pain, feel free to share with us in the comment option below.