Best website builders for business: We cannot live today without technology in this century and we should utilize it for our benefits. Millions of people in this world are unemployed or unfit for a suitable job. So, in this case, how will anyone lead his/her life. The answer is with the help of ‘technology’. And the website is one of the best ways of it.

Person creating website for business

The internet makes us enable to get information about anything through websites only. So, you can also make websites and earn a healthy money from it. Even I think that there is no one who doesn’t know or never heard of Google, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many more.

These websites are unique, famous and earns money in billions which are a very huge amount. Now you can also be one of it. Below these are some website builders or website building platforms. You can use these platforms to create your dream site. The list goes on:

1. is a cloud-based web development platform that allows users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites, through the use of their online drag and drop tools. 900+ fully customizable HTML5 templates with unlimited disk space are available in every category. You can also choose from extensive collection of images, clip art and icons. Get free, reliable hosting that keeps anyone’s site protected.


Weebly was honored as one of TIME’s 50 Best Websites of the year in 2007. This website builder will make you enable to add multimedia such as Video, Audio, text, etc as well as you can sell products, accept online bookings, create a contact form, or arrange your pages in multiple columns. Over 7 million people and small businesses have joined Weebly to build their website for business. You can edit the text just like you do in Microsoft Word. A user can edit and view the website in the mobile version from the Weebly Site Creator. Weebly ensures that client site visitors always get a luxurious experience whether they are coming from a computer, tablet or a mobile.


This builder is a very good resource for anyone who needs a website, but especially for small-business who needed a strong Web presence.  The GoDaddy templates are organized up to 20 categories(approx), ranging from Education to Entertainment and from Restaurants to Real Estate. GoDaddy’s pricing plans are in three types: Personal, Business, and Business Plus. Just give an eye to the below table.

Package Description Regular Price Sale Price Savings
Personal Personal Use $5.99/month $1/month 83%
Business Small Businesses $9.99/month $5.99/month 40%
Business Plus Medium-sized Businesses $14.99/month $10.99/month 26%

GoDaddy free websites aren’t offered as an option unless you purchase something else from the company, such as a domain name. Web hosting on GoDaddy also comes in three plans. They are Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate. These plans can cost up to $4.99, $5.99, and $7.99 per month, respectively, with more storage space and email addresses, offered.

4. includes 307+ themes. These themes are fresh and feel contemporary. Unfortunately, you can’t take advantage of the 3,000+ themes in the WordPress directory, but 307 themes is still a substantial amount. There are basic customization options only: a few different palette options and about 50 fonts to choose from. And all themes are responsive. Which is excellent. Your website will work great on smartphones. The website provides an extensive amount of templates, themes, and plugins which can be downloaded for free or bought for a premium price. There are many features and facilities that make best suited for blogs. You can choose from a variety of post types and you’re left with a website builder that feels complex without being powerful.


Squarespace website is divided into regions (footer, header, body etc.). Each region can keep content blocks such as paragraphs, images, galleries, forms and many more. Squarespace provides 32 templates for website creation. Every template contains a unique structure. Especially, the Native template is great for the creation of blogs.

It is simple and designed for showcasing content. The style editor is great and you can do the following things:

  • You can customize the exact spacing of the header.
  • You can set typography settings for the entire website.
  • You can change the logo height, font, and letter spacing.
  • You can customize the navigations background, type, and hover.

Squarespace is great because it is able to bring many features into one.


Yola’s editor is unique, the horizontal bar at the top of the screen contains everything for you which are needed to build your site and the settings that control it. Yola’s website construction page is based on widgets—straightforward blocks of text, images, videos, and many contents like Google Maps and PayPal buttons. Hovering a widget will give you options like adjusting margins and a link to edit more complex content types. Customizing your site is simple and straightforward. Users can create HTML5 websites in it. This website is having 450+ templates with 20 GB disk space.

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