Recently, Instagram introduced the reels feature. It’s become more prevalent in just a few weeks since it launched. Now, we are here to give some tips on using the Instagram reels section to generate more leads in the real estate industry. Let’s begin.

Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are similar to TikTok, which is banned in many countries. Like TikTok video contents, reels are snappy, short, and a combination of catchy music & quick cuts and pop-up texts. The videos are up to 30-second that could be designed up with music, stickers, effects, and texts.

Reels are directly filmed on Instagram itself. You could get that when you opened the story camera on the platform. Also, you can share your Instagram reels contents to your story section, reels tab on your Insta profile, and your Explore page on Instagram.

Why Everyone Wondered About The Reels

It fills the acceptable gap between the IGTV and Instagram stories. Unlike stories, reels won’t disappear after a day from posting time. And also, unlike IGTV, reels won’t feel as “produced.” Reels are the perfect and fun way that provides many opportunities to share insights, updates, and info in a unique way.

How To Make a Reel On Instagram

While reels feel like they need some video editing skills, it is easy to make, and a big thanks to every available in-app tool.

Here’re the simple steps to make a reel on Instagram:

  • Launch the Instagram platform. Click the camera option from your Insta feed to get the stories camera on the platform.
  • Here, you could get the “reels” option next to the “story” option and under the record button at the screen’s bottom.
  • Click the music option to add sounds or music. You can search and select as you wish, and also, you can select the exact part from the song you like to play.
  • Click the play option to control your video content speed.
  • Click the smiley face option to add effects and filters. Select an effect to try it, or search for more effects.
  • Click the record option to start filming clips. Click on the small square option at the bottom left corner to choose a clip from your gallery.
  • You can adjust a timer for your videos using the timer tool. It helps you to stick around 15-second to your videos.
  • The Align tool helps you get the exact positioning and framing of your previous clip to bring continuity. 
  • You could click the right arrow to get your video content once you have completed your clip and add drawings, GIFs, texts, and stickers.
  • Then, again click on the right arrow to get onto the share screen. Here, you could write a caption and select a cover image. Then, share your reel to the Explore page, Instagram stories, to your feed section, or save it as a draft.

Instagram Reels For Real Estate Agents

Reels on Instagram are not only for stars on social media or the Z generation. If you are using the platform to promote your real estate brand, then Instagram reels perfectly suit you.

Here is the exact point why every real estate agent should include Instagram reels as one of their marketing strategies on the platform:

  • To lead in front of the heavy competition. Reels featured on Instagram are new things on social media networks. Trying to lead in front of the new feature sparks you at the top of any of your competitor agents. Additionally, if your competitors didn’t use the feature yet, then it’s a valuable gem to take more advantage and bring a splash.
  • To bring sharing video content easier. Creating video content of real estate takes more time. With the help of reels and its additional in-app features, you could make your video content easier for sharing. A quick 15-second short-term video doesn’t match the professional one-minute video content. But, it also doesn’t mean it won’t have the exact impact.
  • To enlarge their reach. The platform wants its users to create and watch reels. That’s the main reason the platform is pushing the reels to the Explore page. Here, anyone could discover reels for the users they don’t follow yet. If you make reel content and select to share it and shine on the Explore page with massive likes for your Instagram reels, you could gain more new users and massive potential clients. Hence, it’s a golden opportunity for every real estate brand to spark on the platform.
  • To try out. Reels feature is the new thing where no one knows what’s happening, what works good, and what doesn’t. It’s the perfect time to try out the reels. Try with various content types and get what works best. 

Reels Ideas For Every Real Estate Agent

Are you interested in working with the popular feature Instagram reels but confused about the content type to create? No issue, here are the content ideas to get started for every real estate agent.

The below-mentioned points are the perfect five reels ideas on Instagram for every real estate agent:

  • New listing teasers. Reels feature on the platform can be the perfect way to gain interest for a great new listing. Showcase the new listing’s every perfect part through quick clips and the texts, including the must-know points.
  • Launch house tips. Spread more information to prepare an open house. If your video tip is about decluttering, you could use the finger-snapping effect on the align tool to bring the BVA(Before Vs. After) of the decluttered region.
  • Spotlights of your neighborhood. Make the reels for your market’s all key neighbors. Merge various clips to give the best one.
  • Humour of real estate. Real estate memes’ inspiration makes funny reels about being a real estate brand or selling or buying a house.
  • DIYs. Do you grab any “life hack” or perfect DIY tips about a house? Share it to the reels section on the platform. It can be anything such as “the secret tip of a real estate agent to make your bed” or “How to do a fruit fly trap.”

Wrapping Up

The points mentioned above are the perfect Instagram reels ideas for every real estate agent to generate more leads. Then what are you waiting for? Get started with the reels feature for your real estate business and create more creative content that helps in catching potential customers.