Don’t let your business trip to Washington, DC stress you out. Between planning for meetings and presentations, following airline guidelines, and packing your suitcase, getting ready for a business trip can seem daunting. Plan effectively and figure out what work you need to get done. The following tips can help you make the most out of your business trip to the old DMV.

Choose Better Travel Modes

There are so many decent ways of traveling to DC, such as air, driving, and train. Before choosing one over the other, consider all of your options. Depending on where you are coming from – if you’re already in the northeast metro corridor, then Amtrak is surprisingly good – you might want to switch things up. One mode of transportation might allow you to get more work done.

Choose Better Connections

Once you chose your method of travel, you can now plan your routes, layovers, and connections. The Luggage Council is a helpful website that rates four of the best cities to connect to. It’s so informative that it gives you the four best routes to connect to in Washington, DC and other parts of the world.

This extensive resource informs you of the busiest airports, so you don’t have to worry about missing your flight. Planning a business trip with fewer stops and connections will save you time and money. You’ll also have more time to work at the airport if you happen to be early for your flight.

Be Choosy With Accommodations

When you’re traveling to Washington, DC, you have plenty of hotels to choose from. There are hotels near the city’s center, closer to the outskirts, and everywhere in between. Depending on where your business takes you, you’ll want to choose wisely.

Grand Hyatt Washington is a top pick among business travelers with work in DC’s downtown. It’s connected to the Metro Center train station for easy access to public transportation services. Just blocks from the White House, you’ll be in the thick of things. These quiet and comfortable rooms include amenities such as concierge, free internet, business services, meeting facilities, and room service.

Join Frequent Traveler Programs

Ease the pains of airline travel by joining a frequent traveler program or a frequent flyer program. This allows you to accrue points or rewards, which can be used for almost anything. It’s best to join a frequent traveler program with an airline or hotel chain that you use the most. This will make it easier to accumulate points and use them towards a business trip or a leisure vacation.

Have a Work Agenda

Scheduling your work in advance allows you to organize your thoughts and stay on top of your goals. Business travel involves more downtime than ever, so it’s important to plan your work effectively so you know how to tackle it. It’s also an ideal way of motivating yourself to get more work done. Make sure you know what you need to get done while on the road. Figure out how you plan to work and where you’re going to do it. For instance, you need to figure out how to efficiently work while in the air, on the train, or in a taxi cab.