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The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values, and agenda of an entire generation to come.” – Steve Jobs

Powerfully written stories impact people in a way that it triggers their memories, their emotions, and their actions.

Have you ever stopped and wondered what drives you to buy and patronize the products you love?

Once upon a time…

Stories are everywhere. You encounter them in almost all aspects of your life – be it at home, in the workplace, or most evidently, while you are out shopping. Companies have started to put more importance in the value of a good narrative to sell their brands. Stories about products and services have been carefully woven to stir a reaction from the intended customers.

When you have a business to take care of, then you should also take a good look at using powerful stories to elevate your brand. In this regard, it would be advantageous to tap the expertise of a brand storytelling agency.

An agency with a team of storytelling specialists will benefit your business by providing valuable marketing and communication insight. It can also craft bespoke and strategic solutions using various channels to create a compelling story about your brand.

Here are just three of the reasons why you should use storytelling to build your business:

1. It Raises Brand Awareness

Every business has a story behind it. It is up to you to make sure that your story is delivered in a clear and captivating way to achieve your desired results.

It is said that the backbone of a strong marketing strategy is a clearly communicated narrative. A well-crafted story will be your blueprint for defined messages that will put your brand in the best light possible. Under an organized umbrella of marketing messages, your brand will be highlighted through intentional stories that feed and support your business goals.

Heartfelt, thoughtfully crafted stories will “talk” to your audience in the various mediums that you opt to use. Upon reaching them, the power of a gripping story can enthrall and entice them to react and act accordingly – and ideally, achieving the targets you have set.

2. It Generates Product Value

A study conducted by researchers Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn about listing trivial things on eBay, wrapped in a profound and purposeful short story, highlighted the value of storytelling. The items – originally acquired from a garage sale for about $1.50 each – sold for nearly $8,000. This only shows that a well-crafted and genuine story can easily compound the value of a product or service.

Well-written and strategic stories can help make or break your product or offer. A good story that accompanies a product gives it more value in the sense that it helps trigger an emotional reaction in the customer. Decisions are often emotionally driven, and how you differentiate your product from its competitors by way of storytelling can give you an edge in the perceived value of your brand.

3. It Creates Customer Relationships

Powerful stories help forge a bond with your target audience. Purposeful stories can serve as a gateway to your brand. This is what will call their attention, communicate with them, and trigger memories and emotions that will spur them to action.

That is why it is crucial to create stories that will resonate with your customers. It establishes a connection with them that will influence how they perceive and experience your brand. Through well-curated stories and messages, your relationship will be nourished and, hopefully, grow into anchoring brand loyalty.

…and they lived happily ever after.

Stories can benefit your business by raising awareness about your brand through strategic, intentional, and genuine narratives. It also elevates the brand perception and value of your products and services through the compelling stories that come with it. Lastly, it is an essential tool in creating ties that bind your customer to your brand by way of stories that connect and interact with their own experiences.

If you want your brand to live happily ever after, then you should seriously consider telling stories that will endear it to your audience.


Grace Yacoub is the owner, founder, and CEO at Zaman. She recognized the potential to develop brands in Dubai back in 1996. Amongst her first projects were to convert the local powerhouses of Etisalat and NBD into branded entities and engage the nation in the drive for modernity. She has since led projects across the finance, family, industry, property, retail and all sectors to convert many of the region’s most important companies into powerful brands.