There is no doubt that online marketing has no alternative to it. If you want to get more reach or sell your products to a broader range of customers, online is the best way to go. But, why not try every trick in the book? People still live a physical existence outside the screen. So, it will be a failure if one does not take the opportunity to utilize these physical forms of advertising as well. Read this article to know more on how you can publicize your products to a broader audience.


Do you have a business that sells services or products? Write a book. It will give the readers insight into your business and will tell them precisely what you want them to hear. So, it is always good publicity to write your book. The book positively promotes the brand, and You’ve read those famous books written by the CEO of the big companies. It only made you more interested in their products. So, writing a book is always the right way of advertisement. You might think that you are not a writer, so you can’t become a writer. Don’t you worry about that for one bit! You can always hire ghostwriters to do the actual writing for you. Your book will act as a useful publicity device. If you think your brand needs a bit up-gradation, go for it.


Yes, people still very much go for physical banners and pamphlets. Search for your local banner printing firms to print posters and banners for your company. Promote your business through billboards and posters. Another exciting aspect is wall art. Some artists would paint your advertisement on large wall spaces. It would be best if you had the proper permit for space. It is just like banners. Wall art is an old form which is gaining much popularity in recent times. Use banners as it is still one of the most used mediums to promote advertisement. 

Business cards:

Do you carry a business card with you? You should. You should also provide personalized business cards to your employees. It will increase the value of your establishment, and it certainly will help create a brand value. You can also print various items such as calendars and cups to be used and displayed at the office.

Free workshops:

If you run a company and want more people to engage with the service you provide, you can hold your events. You can arrange for a free or paid workshop. Interested candidates may attend the event. If you put a little bit of money in the publicity of the event, people will come in numbers. These events will make people start talking about your products. They’ll get to experience something on a deeper level, and that will, in turn, have a positive effect on them. While conducting these workshops, try to be inclusive of a different community. Little steps like these will yield positive results in the long run.

As mentioned before, online marketing is the key to an advertisement. Do not think of going full retro with your marketing campaign. Try to incorporate these old but gold methods to your already established way of advertising.