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When you start a brand new business, there are a variety of things you need to do to ensure that not only do you find customers but that they stay loyal to you for a long time to come. The most important aspect of how customers view your new venture is to be trustworthy. However, until you build an audience, it can be hard to persuade people that your business truly can be trusted. There are some ways to show it right from the start, though, and if you can implement as many as possible, it will be a lot easier to find new customers and keep them coming back.

Don’t Sell

Not selling may seem a rather strange idea if you are hoping to make money in your business, but it does make sense. If you want to be seen as a reliable, trustworthy business, any engagement you have with your customers shouldn’t be about selling at all; it should be about helping them. Of course, advertising is essential, and without any marketing, you are not going to be able to grow your business as fast or as far as you would like, but you need to do it in an unobtrusive, less obvious way. The more interaction you can have with your customers, even before they buy from you, the better. They will trust you more because you aren’t bombarding them with sales and they won’t feel so pressured by you.

Make It Safe

If you can show that you take the security of your business seriously and that you can ensure your customers’ payment details are safe, you will be more likely to gain new customers. Despite buying online being so prevalent now, there are still concerns about safety and security breaches. By putting special measures in place such as having Secure Data Recovery Services to help you should anything go wrong, installing firewalls and antivirus software, making your website more secure, and keeping all your software up to date, you can show that you understand the risks. Not only that you understand the risks, however, but also that you have mitigated them as much as possible, and you have your customers’ safety in mind at all times.

Be Personal

If you truly want people to trust your business, then you will need to show some personality within it. A blank, corporate space may look professional, but will it truly entice people to buy from you? Customers are looking for a good experience so that they can come back and buy again, knowing that they are in safe hands, and so that they can go and tell others about your business. Therefore, you should show that you are human. It can easily be done through your website or social media pages, for example. By simply answering people individually and not using stock answers that are copied and pasted, you can be yourself, and people will trust you.


Reviews are a fantastic way to show that you are a trustworthy company, so don’t be shy about showing them off. You can include your reviews in a special section on your website, or post about them on social media. It’s important not to sound as though you are bragging, however, as this can make you seem unapproachable and potentially difficult. There is a fine line, but once you understand it, you can boost sales hugely.