Who does not like kids?  In the days gone by planning for a baby was hardly heard off, but the modern day a couple has to think on those lines. The reason for it is that both husband and wife are active in the professional world. So, the fact remains is that you need to plan for a baby.

But once you are pregnant these things go out of the window. It starts with going to a gynaecologist who will guide you towards a healthy pregnancy. Your head is spinning all the time and this includes in scheduling appointments with various people. One thing which you forget is newborn photography in Thane. These are the first days of the baby on this planet and memories are fresh. You would not want to miss out on this golden opportunity to cash on this so that in due course you do not repent on these magical clicks. There should not be a situation later that you compromised with regards to this aspect.

Chinese Gender Chart

Developed by the Chinese scientist it was buried in a tomb for 700 years. The beauty of this chart is that it went on to predict the gender of a baby accurately. It is also referred to as precise predictor, baby chart and the baby prediction chart are based on this. This has been decided on the basis of a lunar calendar along with the phases of the moon. The modern times throw various versions of this chart, like Chinese gender chart, Chinese lunar chart, etc.  The difference in all these charts is a rifle, but the results work out to be the same. This chart is based on the age of the mother and when is the expected due date for her to conceive. Out of the various prediction methods used for predicting the gender of a baby this one is the best. Nearly the accuracy of all the methods is like flipping a coin where a result can be fifty-fifty.

Pre –Conception Visit

When you are planning for a pregnancy, it is suggested that you visit a gynaecologist. They will undertake a systematic check up to figure out whether the couples are facing any problems and also a test will be done to figure out whether you have any form of the sexually transmitted disease. In certain cases, the doctor may ask the couple to stop certain over the counter medicines. If it has been over a year, when a couple has been trying for a baby and no positive results have emerged, then an infertility test will be conducted. The doctor will help the couple to plan for pregnancy and in case if any problems occur they will guide you as well.

A woman tends to go through various symptoms when she is pregnant. Some of them may be visible, but still, it is suggested that you get a pregnancy test done at your home or doctor’s clinic to confirm the same.

Do Not Forget the Click

 As soon as you are pregnant, schedule a one on one session with a famous baby photographer Thane. It is a new branch of photography which has emerged in the last few years and you would to avail the services of an experienced photographer who has relevant experience in this domain.