At age 5 I watched my brother drown and never come back, it wasn’t just devastating but it had left impacts in a way that I could never imagine. The episode of me drowning with him never really ended unless I stopped sleeping. Even with those sleepless nights, the thoughts came in like the same waves that took him.

It’s been 10 years and the fear never really went away until one day. I have been trying to cope up with it for a long time, trying to not just sleep better but also feel better. To actually forgive me for not doing anything that day. If I had to describe my mind, I would signify it with one of those floods that wreck all the fields, all the boats, the voyages, the homes, the families. One of those sea storms that gulp in everything leaving no traces of existence. No matter how much I tried to pull myself together, for some days it worked but for most of the days, it rained heavily again, bombarding thoughts.

One day scrolling through my newsfeed I read Dubai yacht rentals, after me being indecisive like always I finally clicked the tag and searched thoroughly. A yacht felt like a safe heaven, the safest option of all for me to get over my fear. I don’t know why but it felt much comfortable than other options.

I took my best friend along with me so that I don’t end up wasting my booking and payment and that day, that very day tables turned again. All my life and its very delusional thoughts sank, sank down to the shallowest end.

The yacht I got on was not just amazing inside and out, but the best part about it was how it made me feel. It blew off all my sorrows and fears, it let go a toxic side of me. The ride was great and with the breathtaking view, it just added more value to it. Yacht Charter Dubai showed me the best Dubai sights, its beautiful skyline. The sea didn’t seem as bad as I thought. Finally, that 5-year-old drowning under huge waves, struggling to get out of the deepest level of the sea was freed again.

The easy yacht made me cope up way better and I felt like sharing this on public medium because it’s very unlikely of businesses providing the finest services to every customer individually.

Their services starting from food, clean environment, two different decks, restrooms and other essential all were classic and it turned out to be amazing? I would surely recommend it to other travelers who love adventures like these but also to the people who have fear of water. I hope it turns out as great as it was for me.