Weight exceeding the healthy BMI level and the healthy ‘’weight’’ level, is referred to as, ‘’overweight’’ or obesity. Obesity is a very serious condition. It also gives rise to numerous health issues and diseases. Obesity is accompanied by diseases such as kidney stones, gallbladder stones, certain cancers, heart diseases and etc. Heart diseases are very common in obesity. Coronary heart diseases are most likely to take place. The fat accumulated around the heart causes the heart to function abnormally and the blood pumping ability of the heart is disrupted. So, usually, if a person gets such diseases, he or she is told to lose some weight before the doctor goes for the treatment. Hence, maintenance of a healthy weight holds great importance. Not only from the health point of view but for social acceptance as well.

Obesity also has a direct effect on the hormones present in a person’s body. The hormonal imbalance is a condition which occurs to an obese person. It causes things such as period irregularity, which might seem normal to you at that stage, but further on in life, you might have to suffer because of it.

Usually, weight calculators are used to knowing the healthy weight of a person because it is easy and extremely fast.

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How Overweight Can Destroy Your Social Life?

How obesity has a negative impact on health, is something that can’t be neglected. But obesity or overweight not only destroy your body, but also your social life and especially in a world where science has progressed very fast, and humans have a very high and healthy competition with one another. Everyone wants to, not only do their best but to look their best as well.

Socially, an overweight or obese person is mistreated. People look upon such a person with disgust and an overweight person is thought to be as lazy and lethargic. People think that an overweight person does not look good in whatever he/she wears. Such a person is body shamed. And it might have a very negative effect on the mental health of a person. One does not realize that whatever they say to a person, can be very hurting for them. People tend to shut themselves from the world. They think they are not capable of anything because of the way that they are bullied. Such people avoid public places and prefer staying shut behind the doors. People mistreat them, body shames them and make them feel worthless.

Weight loss Calculator:

The weight loss calculator helps you to calculate the most essential things regarding your weight. You can calculate things such as, if you are overweight, your standard weight, and the amount of weight you need to lose to maintain your weight. All of these can be calculated within a second with the weight loss calculator. It does not ask for any of your personal information such as your name etc. Therefore, it ensures your privacy. Given below is the basic interface of the weight loss calculator.