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There are many reasons for which companies enlist the services of contract workers. In some instances, this is done as a cost-cutting measure for businesses that can’t afford to provide workers with benefits. In others, companies only require the assistance of contractors for a very limited duration of time. Whatever your reason for seeking out contractors, it’s important to realize that not all contract employees are created equal. While some are every bit as skilled and reliable as full-time team members, others leave a lot to be desired. To ensure that you wind up with the right contractors, keep an eye out for the following qualities when perusing applicants.

Relevant Experience

Any contractor you hire should have an experience that’s relevant to the position they’ll be filling. Unless this is a position for which you intend to provide on-the-job training, make sure to specify how crucial experience is in the listing. Even if a certain applicant appears to be exactly what you’re looking for, it can’t hurt to contact a few of their references to confirm that they possess the experience they claim.

If your company regularly works with contractors, it pays to invest in reliable contract management software. The right software will prove invaluable in helping you organize and keep track of contracts, temporary workers and full-time employees.


Since the positions they hold are unsalaried and/or temporary, some contractors don’t place a lot of importance on deadlines, punctuality and other issues that pertain to dependability. This often puts employers in precarious situations. After all, if your employees can’t be depended on to complete important assignments correctly and on time, office productivity and efficiency are liable to take a nosedive.

This is among the many reasons it pays to check references. If an applicant has a habit of missing deadlines or shrugging off responsibility, there’s a good chance their previous employers can bring you up to speed and prevent you from making a big mistake.

Good Time Management

Solid time management skills are another core tenet of a good contract worker. Since a lot of contractors do most of their work from home, the onus is on them to set their own schedules. As such, a reliable contractor is adept at bracketing their time while working against multiple deadlines. Efficiently working outside of the typical 9:00-to-5:00 structure requires tremendous self-discipline – something, not every contractor possesses.

As more and more companies put a freeze on full-time hires, the number of contractor workers in the U.S. continues to climb. With more people applying for contract positions than ever before, employers in the market for contractors have a plethora of applicants for which to choose. Even though many companies only use contractors on a temporary basis, the hiring process should still be treated with seriousness. After all, hiring unqualified contractors stands to disrupt your workflow and adversely affect your financial bottom line. Employers on the hunt for dependable contractors should always be on the lookout for the qualities discussed above.

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