IKEA is a world famous multinational group as well as world’s largest furniture retailer, since the year 2008. Known for its great modernist designs for various types of appliances and furniture and ready-to sell furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories, IKEA has now millions of buyers all across the globe. But the major challenge arises in moving IKEA furniture as they are tough to assemble. So, we are providing here some very useful tips and tricks that you can effortlessly use while moving IKEA furniture.

As already mentioned, IKEA furniture is neither easy to assemble or to disassemble. So, to avoid getting yourself trapped into a major problem, measure the available space at your new home to ensure everything perfectly fits in. If it doesn’t, donate it. Keep a check on transportation mode before taking apart any furniture. Moving van and trunks can easily hold IKEA furniture assembled, so there exists no reason to start dismantling.

  • FriendAn Indispensable Need

Literal support can be a major plus in this case. You can see your friend’s help while you struggle with the disassembly, as deconstructing large bookshelves, beds and other oversized pieces can be quite problematic. There lies no issue for smaller pieces such as pulling out screws and dowels out, but once you start deconstructing oversized furniture, it can be dangerous.

  • Neat Arrangement of All Furniture Stuff

IKEA furniture is often accompanied with many small but important pieces such as dowels, screws, hooks and plastic sachets. To avoid any piece getting misplaced, place them in a small Ziploc bag and seal it tightly with a label on it, corresponding to the furniture it belongs to, for your convenience.

  • DirectionNot That Important Factor

If you have already thrown away the original directions, need not worry, that’s not an important factor. In case you need any help or suggestion, visit IKEA website or contact the relocation experts. You can also download the instructions to your computer or smartphones.

  • Be Careful and Act Smart

Even IKEA screws, dowels, and other small pieces can get fragile after being constantly assembled, disassembled. To prevent these smaller parts getting weak eventually, you need to act a bit careful. Pay careful attention while taking IKEA furniture apart and go easy with the screws, while reassembling. Don’t go too hard as it can decrease their holding capacity and can create a problem in holding the parts together.

It is always better to rely on the professionals to carry out this delicate work of moving. If you are in the city of Miami, then luck has brought you the experts of Quality Installers, a furniture relocation company, who not only provide the best of services, but their prices are also very reasonable. The professionals are preferred for this work as they carry all the tools and expertise necessary for this delicate work.

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