With the rise of online travel booking, the use of travel agents and travel agencies has declined a bit over recent years. But travel agencies can deliver a lot of value and help you plan a better and more memorable trip. Below are our three reasons why you should still book through a travel agency rather than try to plot out a ski holiday by yourself.

     1. First-Hand Experience

Travel agencies are experts in sourcing, planning, and booking all of the details of a ski holiday. If you have any questions about your trip, they will have the experience and knowledge necessary to answer them.

A travel agent who has been in the business for a long while will be able to give you solid advice regarding where to go, where to stay, and which attractions are must-sees.

     2. Planning and Booking for You

Some travellers love planning holidays, from the initial investigative stages to booking airline tickets and more. But for those of us who may be more strapped for time, or who simply have no desire to plan, having someone else do it for you is a relief.

A lot goes into planning and booking a trip. You need to:

  • Look for the best deals and compare prices across numerous travel companies.
  • Read reviews to ensure that accommodations and activities are fun, interesting, and worthwhile.
  • Coordinate and book flights and other transportation.
  • Get the right travel insurance so that you know you are covered during your trip.

Pro-active travel agents will keep up with what is happening at your ski destination of choice. If they receive any alerts about the hotel you plan on staying at or an activity you plan on partaking in, they will be able to advise you immediately and make any changes with little to no financial loss to you.

     3. Purchasing Travel Insurance

If you plan on embarking on a ski holiday, you should plan on having travel insurance on hand. Even if you already have medical insurance and are not travelling outside of your country of residence, you may need additional travel insurance because you will be skiing on your holiday. A lot of travel insurance companies consider this to be a more dangerous activity, and so you will need special coverage for it.

Your travel agent will be able to best advise you on your travel insurance options and find the lowest premiums and deductibles for you. They will also be able to help you obtain additional discounts based on the number of people you are travelling with, your current health, and more.