When we think about our own marriage, we usually think about certain things. They often include about how many children you will have, the place where you will live, your financial situation, and many others. Sometimes we think about it much earlier.

Too many women those wishes are often being fulfilled: soon they have a child, and then another, or how much they want and can. What happens to those women who have problems realizing your own dreams of motherhood? With those who are facing problems with fertility and conception?

The number of women, but also men, who have problems in the area of reproductive health is not small nor insignificant. If you just take a look at the forums and even get informed about how many couples have problems like this, deciding to perform in vitro fertilization or other options, it becomes clear that not all women are lucky and privileged to easily get pregnant and be the best in the role of mother.

Some women already know in advance that they will have potential problems with conception even before trying to become pregnant. There are, for example, women who are struggling with polycystic ovary syndrome or other similar, chronic conditions from puberty that significantly affect their lives and the perception of how their family will look like.

In order to understand you need to know that this is a difficult issue for women but also for men who have challenges in the area of reproductive health. However, in women, the pressure is slight pressure, because in our society it often means that a marriage without children is meaningless. Regardless of whether you consciously made the decision that you do not want to have children or if you want, but you cannot get pregnant, the environment is always there to suspiciously looks at your stomach and asks you when you are going to have children. The question is rude for many reasons, but the thing is that these people who ask the question are not aware and have no idea about what are your views on this issue either the struggle you are going through to have a family.

When you tell people that you are getting married, some of them will ask you if you are doing that because you’re pregnant. Then the questions will be bolder and more frequent. No, women get married because they want to have children, and everything else is irrelevant.

The pressure is enormous, whether you are trying to become pregnant for years or not, or are unable to do it, that is none of the people’s business. It is a completely legitimate choice.

Truth be told, these issues are often not malicious nor are set with the intention to harm you; more are without thinking. Negligence, not intent. If you get such question from someone, it is important to tell them that it is none of their business.