How would you fill a vacant position in your company with the most suitable candidate? For most organizations, the two clear options are external and internal recruitment. Internal recruitment certainly has the advantage of employees being accustomed to the work culture and operations. But choosing to recruit internally may result in you missing out on fresh talent that could have proved to be valuable for your organization. Here are the reasons why you should consider recruitment consultants over internal recruitment.

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Larger Talent Pool

When you decide to choose a consultant to help you with recruitment, you get access to their wide network of skilled and competent candidates that may be suitable for the position available at your company. Agencies also go that extra mile by approaching passive candidates and persuading them to consider the role in your organization. When you look for talent internally, the employees are definitely familiar with the work culture, but your options remain limited.

Saves Time

Searching for the right candidate is a time-consuming task. You cannot afford to lose valuable time as it needs to be focused on growing your company and nurturing existing employees. The internet can facilitate the internal recruitment process, but the expertise you receive from recruitment agencies cannot be matched.

Brand Growth

Agencies are aware of the importance of employer branding. It not only helps the recruitment process but also your business as a whole. Consultants can help promote your work culture and your brand to a large number of potential candidates. This helps the target audience understand your organization better. Suitable candidates who are willing to contribute earnestly towards the growth of your company can help strengthen the overall brand in the market as well.

Market Knowledge

It is part of the consultant’s job to be aware of the market situation in the industry you operate. They are up-to-date with the latest developments and inform you of changes that might affect your hiring process. Insights about the shortage of skills, candidate surplus or the current rate of salary in the market are imperative to make the right choice of employee. Awareness of the in-house recruitment team may be narrower in scope as compared to that of consultants as they consider particular organizational needs, and have the thorough knowledge of the industry.

Less Risk

Good recruitment agencies ensure that your business does not suffer if a recruited candidate leaves the job within a certain amount of time. Depending upon the agreed terms, they can either replace the candidate or give part of your money back. This way, if the candidate leaves, you have less damage to deal with.

Better Assessment of People

Recruiters are trained to assess the candidates by asking the right questions to ascertain whether their skills and competencies align with your business needs. Their metrics to screen applicants are generally better than in-house methods. Recruiters earn their living by making the right hiring decisions and hence, are masters in their domain.

You need the best employees for your company using the most cost-effective measures. With in-house recruitment methods, you need to prioritize which positions bring more value to your company and rotate employees to positions accordingly. Recruitment consultants give you a larger talent pool to choose from where candidates come from different backgrounds. Such candidates can offer new perspectives and an efficient way of doing things with their fresh talent. Therefore, recruitment agencies can bring more value to your organization as compared to in-house recruitment. While the decision you make depends entirely on how your business operates, recruitment agencies are sure to help you build a competent and reliable workforce.