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Clearly, the work of a gatekeeper is to mainly refute the endless telemarketing calls that their corporate gets on a daily basis. They either courteously ask the marketers to send an email or palely inform them that their managers don’t take sales calls.

Nevertheless, the biggest barrier for every telemarketing services agent is to convince the gatekeepers to let them talk to the corporate decision makers.

Hence, this article attempts to state the ways in which a telemarketer can stop the gatekeepers from disconnecting the call and to make them talk to their bosses.

Speak Like an Experienced Professional

Every big corporate house’s gatekeeper receives many calls daily from the telemarketing services agents. However, if they will receive the same call from a senior person say the manager of the telemarketing company, they are more likely to pass the call to the concerned authority.

For making the gatekeepers believe that some senior and experienced person is talking, the agents should portray an image of very calm and soft-spoken person in front of the person on the receiving end of the call. Moreover, they should pause and keep the pace slow while speaking to leave an impression of an honorable person.

Speaking to them in this way not only saves the agent from the drill of multiple questions but also increases the chances of the agent of talking to the boss directly.

Never Pitch to the Gatekeeper

Understand that the gatekeeper is not the right person to pitch the whole reason for calling to, he is just a mediator who has the power of connecting you with the concerned authority.

Therefore, the agents should make it a point to not to pitch the gatekeeper regarding the request of fixing a meeting or connecting the call even if they ask. One should tell just the basic objective and never the whole story.

Don’t Request

The biggest setback during a marketing call is coming off as a desperate individual who wants to market a particular product or service by hook or by crook.

However, the solution to the problem is quite easy. The agents should not request the gatekeeper to connect them with the concerned authority instead they should command them to connect the agent with the corporate decision maker.

Stay Natural While Talking

Avoid going through the rigid scripts and try to mold your replies according to the pace of your conversation with the gatekeeper.

However, being completely unprepared and spontaneous during the conversation too is not advisable. The key is to find a balance between the two. The reliable telemarketing services agent should plan the response to the main and repetitive questions beforehand and should also be flexible and ready enough to change or improve his pre-decided comeback answers during the conversation.

Don’t Consider the Gatekeeper Your Foe

Always keep in mind that the gatekeeper, in no way is your enemy or someone who will never act according to the agent’s will. If the agent talks to them in the right way, they will connect the agent’s call surely.

On the contrary, if one will consider the gatekeeper as a hurdle already, the presumption will do no good rather than making the conversation between the agent and the gatekeeper uncooperative and difficult.

Moreover, this is also important to maintain cordial relations with the company.

Though there are no pre-defined or set rules of surpassing the gatekeeper, the foretold points generally help. Moreover, every agent has his own style of communicating and marketing. Therefore, one should not strictly adhere to anything and keep changing his tactics after analyzing the person they are talking too.

Hence, for making the investment in the company who has hired telemarketing services provider, fruitful, the agents of the company should be proficient and consistent in their efforts and should not get demotivated by several unsuccessful marketing calls.

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