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Anna Maria city in the Manatee County of Florida covers the northern part of the Anna Maria Island. This area is one of the municipalities of the enclave, including Holmes Beach and Bradenton Beach. Tourists visit Anna Maria Island to enjoy swimming, sunbathing, fishing, kayaking, and strolling down the attractions of the bay area. Visitors can reach the island through the nearest airports, which are, the Sarasota and Tampa airports.

There are quite a few destinations to check out, which include different boutique shops, art galleries, and restaurants. But after going around town and seeing all the sights, you need a place to go back to and relax.

In Anna Maria Island FL vacation rentals are occasionally in demand, based on peak seasons. The assortment of housing lodges and cabin rentals contribute to the development of tourism in the area.

What to Do on Anna Maria Island?

First on the list of things to do should be enjoying the beautiful beaches as well as trying out different activities offered for tourists. Activities like horseback riding, paddle boarding, fishing at the pier, scuba diving or snorkeling, and other summer sports abound.

First-time visitors would find the lovely local scene alluring, and they can visit local shops, the aquarium, the historical museum, attend festivals and shows, and much more during their time here.

Most Visited Attractions in Anna Maria Island

There are lots of places to visit on the small island of Anna Maria. Most people find themselves exploring the coastal areas during summer, but the site is a year-round destination offering a unique view of the Floridian peninsula.

Some of the sites worth visiting include:

  • Historic Bridge in Anna Maria Island

This place is the best stop for those who want to relax, eat, and enjoy shopping in a collection of galleries and boutiques.

  • The Market at Coquina Beach

If you want to buy potteries, plants, arts, and crafts, produce, and many more, visiting the seaside market at Coquina Beach is a must.

  • Pine Avenue

Pine Avenue is also known for its unique shops and beachside eateries open for strolls while catching some waves.

  • The Twin restaurants of Poppo’s Taqueria and The Donut Experiment

After a long walk, enjoy delectable Mexican street food and dessert experience at these resto-bars. They sit alongside each other, so hopping from one delicacy to another is a breeze.

  • Perico Preserve

Also named as the hidden oasis, Perico Reserve is a protected sanctuary for pelicans, ducks, egrets, eagles, and many other local wildlife varieties. You can go sightseeing with the use of binoculars to better view the forms of wildlife as featured by the Perico Reserve.

  • Mote Marine Aquarium

Aquariums are always fun to check out, especially if you’re visiting a place for the first time. From the open water Shark Zone exhibit to the touchable rays and reef animals exhibits, this aquarium has everything you need to be entertained and educated at the same time.

Enjoying Your Stay in Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island offers a unique ambiance, preserving the original charm of Florida. To make your trip more convenient in Anna Maria Island in FL, Vacation Rentals are available for you. The place offers a unique escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, with a truly remarkable and friendly environment.

This is partly the reason why many people are choosing the island for a quick getaway. Anna Maria Island also offers special services for various events such as weddings, conventions, parties, and many more.

Because of its excellent beachfront features and the various activities it offers, the island is also called the ‘Beach Wedding Capital of Florida.’