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Every business needs to implement marketing campaigns to be successful. At the core of successful marketing is a deep understanding of your customer base. It is important that companies continually update the stories they tell about their products and use the most contemporary technology mediums.

It is no secret that social media has been a huge tool in the world of marketing. With over two billion active social media users in the world, the medium remains one of the most visible strategies for companies to reach larger audiences and increase their customer base. As the number of people using social media continues to increase, it is essential that companies leverage this powerful tool to stay relevant. Marketing professionals, such as Mark Crumpacker are an invaluable resource for using the power of social media to your advantage.  Here are some strategies for successful social media use in 2019.

Market Research: The Importance of Intimately Knowing Your Customer

The success of any social media campaign begins with market research. Successful marketing plans are deeply rooted in an intimate knowledge of the customer. There is no shortage of metrics and analytic tools that companies can leverage; advanced technology has enabled companies to understand their customers in complex ways. Social media analytics can provide valuable demographic data about who your accounts are reaching, where they are, and what they want. Knowing the demographics of your audience will help you shape your marketing tactics and content to be successful to the customer base you are reaching. For example, if you find most social media users viewing your account are under 40, you might adapt your content to be very visually popping.

Define Specific Metrics to Measure Success

In using social media it is important to be specific about defining metrics to measure success.  You many 20 million followers and get a lot of likes on your posts; however, if you are not converting these leads to sales, something isn’t working.  Although data metrics is about the numbers, it is important to put numbers into context before analyzing them.  Ten thousand likes paired with a bunch of negative comments probably isn’t the result you want to aim for.  Some good metrics for analyzing your social media data are to look at the number of organic vs paid traffic, the audience reached vs people that engaged with the content, and the overall sentiment of a post.

Create Unique and Innovative Content

The backbone of social media is innovative content and effective storytelling; companies need to create content that is creative and contemporary. Designing the best aesthetic for your feed, writing captions in your brand’s voice, and finding the delicate balance between promotion and authenticity are some of the many essential tasks of marketers. Additionally, companies must decide the best mediums to use in their social media campaigns.

Social media channels are abundant and navigating their complexities can be a challenge; managing multiple social media accounts can be an overwhelming venture.  Marketing professionals are great resources for understanding these tools and leveraging their power to drive sales and increase your customer base.