Fall is such a dreamy season, drinking coffee on a cold winter morning and watching movies while being all covered in blankets. It is all so perfect until in the morning you have to take care of all the leaves. It is an extremely time taking process that requires your efforts almost every day. What makes it worse is the continuous wind that doubles your work, you keep cleaning the leaves, and the wind keeps gathering new leaves. We all wish that there was a better and more convenient way to get this work done. There is no one defined way that makes things go better, but there are a couple of tips that you can follow, which will help you out.

Here are some tips to deal with leaves like a pro:

Most of us like to use the world’s famous, easy-on-a-pocket iron rake. There are not many people who exactly know what type of rake is the better option for them, so they grab a random option from the store. Rake which has a small width requires to be cleaned after a couple of minutes of cleaning, as the leaves get stuck. When you are out to buy a rake, buy one which has a width up to almost 30 inches. It helps in keeping the work going smoothly. Also, choose the bigger rake, it helps in speeding up the work.

  • Bagster bag

Don’t you hate it, when you have to make small bags of leaves, and you end up making a whole lot of plastic bags, filled with leaves? It requires a lot of effort to stop your work mid-way, fill the bag and then go to throw it away. If you have a huge backyard, you should probably buy a bagster bag. It will actually save you a lot of time and effort. Clean a patch of land and spread the bagster bag on it, further keep on cleaning the leaves and move them towards the bag. When you are done with the whole yard, you can just tie up the bag and throw the whole thing away.

  • Backpack leaf blower

If you have to clean the leaves on a daily basis, it is recommended to do a one-time investment and have convivence for the rest of your life. Leaves and mosses on your rooftops should be cleaned every once in a while, otherwise, they can cause permanent damage to the ceiling. Especially when it rains or a strong wind blows, these leaves go off and get stuck in the draining pipe. For cleaning the rooftop backpack leaf blower is the best option.

  • Mower   

You might not have seen someone use the mower to clean the backyard but they tend to perform an excellent job. Plus, they shred all the leaves, so that you can get rid of them easily. Use it in the same way you do while mowing the grass.