Why Should You Advertise on Facebook

The most common question occurring to every new entrepreneur is – Why Should You Advertise on Facebook?

“Why should you advertise on Facebook” is probably the most important and basic question to which everyone craves for an answer and it will be satisfied in the lines following.

With the progress in time, more and more companies are advertising on Facebook and this leaves you with plenty of questions, “Should I join Facebook, too? Why should I advertise on Facebook? What is its profitability?”

Don’t worry. It’s not only you but plenty other companies who haven’t joined Facebook’s virtual society are having the same thoughts. But whether you target the local market or want to go international, Facebook would probably be the place where you would want to advertise your brand. Here’s why:

It’s a growing social network. It has become a habit to most people who are a part of this virtual society to keep themselves updated about their latest notifications and this creates your first reason why you should advertise on Facebook since it gives you access to more than five hundred million active users.

These are people who log into Facebook every day and socialize with their friends, click ads and play online games. All that is required to is to get through a part of these users. Once your brand is heard by a group of Facebook users and liked, their friends—hundreds of them are sure to know your brand too!

You Gain Acquaintances of a Large Populace With Purchasing Power:

The second reason which all the more justifies advertising on Facebook is that you can get a better exposure for your brand and it would be seen by people who actually have the potential to buy. Facebook isn’t just for teenagers and people who have gone astray. Some of the social network’s most active users are between 26 to 34 years old, people who are working and have the money to purchase products of your brand.

Facebook Helps You Establish a Direct Connection Between You and Your Customers:

This point adds another reason to why you should advertise on Facebook. It helps you get to be up close and have a personal contact with the people liking your brand—people who may have already bought a product of your company or heard of it. These are people to whom you are already known—and they are spreading it to their friends, too! This takes away the disadvantages of traditional advertising, that is, to put up an advertisement of your product in front of a huge populace out of which many may not be interested. But Facebook lets you reach only those people interested in your brand via the Like button. When people “like” your brand on Facebook, your ad gets posted on their walls and it is seen by your friends.

It Is Very Economical:

Ads would hurt your pocket no more. This augments to the number of reasons in favor of advertising on Facebook. A simple fan page would be your first step and then you gather your fans—your customers or people who like your brand—and notify them about the latest offers, sales, and other promotions.

Gain the Attention of the Right People and Gear Up Your Company:

Another reason why it is so much favorable to advertise on Facebook is that the social network enables you to present your ads to those users of a specific state or city who have access to your product. Obviously, it is pointless to advertise to people who cannot access your brand or live in a different state or country and are not your actual market.

Being Versatile:

Facebook gives you numerous ways to promote your brand. Other than the usual fan pages, you can set polls, send an invitation to people to an event, get people to sample your products, organize contests, and even lets you upload a video ad. The sky is the limit!

With all the facilities provided by Facebook, putting your ads on it would be the best decision taken to gear up your company’s prosperity. So, if you are still struggling with a dilemma whether advertising on Facebook would be worth it or carrying on with traditional advertising then you better not because Facebook is where you should be.

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Naeem Ak is a social media writer at smmpoint.com who also contributes for hundreds of other blogs. His articles mainly focus on social media and are widely followed by readers from all over the world

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