Call center industry requires overhauling on a rather frequent basis so that they are able to fulfill all the requirements of their clients. It is important to note that one of the primary reasons behind alterations in the industry is that it seeks to improve the satisfaction levels of the current as well as prospective customers without having to spend extra pennies for the same. In order to achieve this objective, call centers in India responsible for providing feasible solutions often tend to adopt novel styles of management besides moving towards latest technology that is in sync with the market standards.

Let us discuss in detail about some of the upcoming trends in the call center industry that will gain prominence in the years to come.

If the indications of past few years are anything to go by, the call center industry has witnessed extensive usage of data analytics tools across the world. In this era of globalization where technology has crossed all geographical boundaries, it is expected that almost every outsourcing company will utilize this technology to give a much needed to boost to their current set of the offering. The call center industry is now capable of driving a considerable amount of raw material from various social media platforms and previous call recordings from customer interactions. This data is indeed beneficial to gather valuable insights that can be utilized to improve the levels of communication with both the current as well as prospective customers.

  • Social Media Monitoring in Limelight

In this era of intense competition, business conglomerates look after every act of the customer on the online platform as they have become active in almost every social media channel to keep a hawk-eye on activities pertaining to their brand. The amount of transparency is what makes customer support vertical via social media platforms an instant hit among the customers. It also provides an opportunity to the brands to advertise and popularize themselves through regular mention of their brands on these channels. Apart from this, the prospective customers can track the quality of responses being offered by the customer support executives who are active on these platforms.

  • Call Back Technology

A vast majority of industry experts agree to the fact that customers despise it if they have to wait in long queues when to call up a call center that can provide necessary support in times of need. Hence, leading call centers in India will emphasize on call-back technology in the upcoming days so that the customers are assured that they will definitely receive a call back as soon as the call center executive is free.

  • Using Cloud Technology in Call Center

Cloud technology is gathering prominence in call center industry across the globe as it saves on the initial investments besides the expenditure pertaining regular update of hardware and software technologies. The culture of work from home is certain to become popular through cloud technology. This will surely lead to improved levels of productivity of the executives working in call center setup.

  • Voice Biometrics

In contrast to the traditional approaches used in the process of customer authentication, voice biometrics is quite an easy method to perform this activity. It is also a convenient method for call center entities as the cases of frauds will surely be minimized through its effective implementation. Apart from this, customers will also stand to gain as they would be saved from the hassle of remembering passwords. Many call centers all over the world are expected to embrace this technology by the end of the year.

  • Visual IVR

In the current market scenario, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is responsible for handling lot of inquiries as of the customers now to resolve their queries on their own without any interaction with the call center executive. Result-driven Call centers in India are now focused on streamlining their IVR menus to make it a simpler practice for the customers to register a complaint and gather desired information. Moving towards visual IVR will enable the customers as they will be able to see the options on their computer screens or smart devices.

The future of call center industry appears rather upbeat as latest technologies such as video customer support and artificial intelligence are expected to take the front seat. Call centers in India can certainly expect to reap maximum benefits out of these emerging trends as the executives are well-trained to deliver real-time solutions to all the customer queries.