Almost every next successful online business truly agrees that content has resulted as not only the most striking and influential tool for effective marketing but in addition to that, it has become the most powerful element for strong customer engagement.

Next building strong customer relationships and brand engagement, the next biggest benefits are that content helps the website gain strong online search engine standing and brand impression. When it is about sharing valued content then it basically represents a number of content sharing approaches and mediums. Most of the businesses dependent upon online brand reputation consider sharing trending blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, infographics and many other helpful forms of content that becomes king in gaining website visitors attention.

The domain one today’s highly advanced internet has progressed at a much faster pace in terms of influencing how today’s customers approach and interact with sellers and service providers. Moreover, it is not only about the desktop platform. In the beginning, the desktop platform was the only medium for customers to access the internet and reach out their favorite brands but, now the all-new mobile platform has considerably gained that trait for dominating online market segments where content appears above all. Let us go through a few examples that clearly highlight the true potential of content that has resulted in swift business development for notable brands.

New York Times

New York Times Building

Back in November 2015, New York Times was accountable for publishing around 1 million copies featuring the all-new Google Cardboard which is a virtual reality-based concept to its pool of subscribers. The ultimate feedback for experiencing the content from the target audience clearly highlighted that it worked well in effectively educating the target audience about the newly evolved invention. According to most of the industry analysts, the publication was considered to be one of the only few satisfying pieces of editorial marketing attempts at that time.


Gatorade Drink

Let us now have a look at one of the most successful visual content approach that becomes the best fit for Gatorade. According to most of the industry experts, this was one of the best impressive content marketing approach. It was a short visual content that featured a character of a boy who learned to fly while featuring Usain Bolt. This 7 minutes of content become one of the most effective forms of content in gaining its target audience attention where Gatorade gained considerable exposure with the help of an award-winning studio Moonbot Studios. Marketers gear up a unique approach to tying Olympics with their brand and gained considerable positive outcomes.


Samsung smartphone

Samsung recently ran a promotional campaign recognized as Connected Series in collaboration with Vimeo which indicated a strange phenomenon where an individual encounters an illness that made him colorblind. The content presents a scenario by featuring the antenna as an important part of his body to hear the voices of colors around him. The campaign got viral and brought considerable positive feedback from the target audience. Eventually, the campaign achieved the branded content award at the Tribeca Film Festival.


Beats Headphone

Beats is one of the most sophisticated and exclusive brands when it comes to entertainment that gained considerable momentum within a few years of its launch. The brand has managed to sell a $30 worth of headphones on a staggering $300 market price. According to the Beats officials, they have integrated unique content marketing approaches that have considerably uplifted their name around the market.

One of the best part other than content marketing techniques was that giving these headphones to a number of celebrities as a compliment and the product went viral. But the content was one of the crucial elements that further strengthened Beats by mentioning and featuring its extensive use by most of the celebrities. This strategic combination enabled the seller to enrich more sophistication to the brand.

Conclusively, all of the above discussed notable brand examples clearly highlight that content plays an integral role and importance in attaining fast-paced success and growth for online businesses. According to most of the renowned businesses, by adopting a unique set of content marketing strategy combined with creative content writing and pitching what attracts their target audience the most encompasses greater portion of their rapid brand reputation building.

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