Yellow Color Tennis Ball

So you’re a tennis fan who’s suddenly found themselves stranded without the ability to play the game because of quarantine. It can be difficult for fans of any sport right now; everyone is staying indoors and there’s not enough physical activity to be had. If you’re a tennis fan, you might be mourning the dust on your tennis overgrips, looking up WTA tennis scores, and binge-watching tennis movies just to feed your obsession.

Well, don’t worry! We have a few tennis related things you can do to keep yourself busy during quarantine so keep reading.

Take out time for volley training

If you have a garage or some other space where you can throw a ball back and forth, you’re all set. You can even ask a friend or neighbour to lend you their space, provided they sanitize it properly, and you can practice there. Take your racket and a tennis ball and just throw your ball against the wall back and forth. This will help keep up your strength sufficiently.

Practice your ball throw

All you need for this one is a high chair and higher ceilings so you can bounce the ball off of them. Practice a good swing and throw as much as you can until you get your muscles to loosen up and be less sore. Sitting around in quarantine can cause your muscles to shrink and/or atrophy and ball throws will make sure you’re still in the tennis game!

Don’t leave your racket

Say you make a trip to the grocery store, or you walk down an empty road for kicks. Take your racket with you. You can easily practice your dry strokes and swings as you walk along. Practice being super light on your feet and run around as much as you can to get a feel of the game. Don’t let your skills get rusty or you’ll forget all about them.

Create your own court

You can practice in your garage but you won’t be able to get a real feel of the court unless you come up with something a little more creative. Find a slightly uneven patch of ground where you can give yourself some twists and turns while you run around and throw the ball. Uneven ground will give you the leverage to build your skills even while you’re quarantined.

Watch the greats to be great

No one can be great unless they have sufficient motivation and inspiration, right? Right! You may be in quarantine but that also means you have almost endless amounts of time to watch videos. Load up videos of your favourite tennis players and watch their moves, swings and backhands. Once you watch enough of their technique, you will start to pick up on it yourself and you will unconsciously get better. Learn from the best and you will start to feel your best as well. Learn from the champions to be a champion!