With the year changing, the highest rating of players has also fluctuated. The success and failure rate from all year will be evaluated. We all know the fact that people make ton loads of money every year, even the small teams make good grossing out of it. League of legends is well known for paying good money, especially when it comes to salaries. Further, people use league of legends boosting services to improve their MMR with Net Wins and to get ahead of other players.

Let’s have a look at who had the most wins all over the year. The team chasing the most victory will be rated as highest, as there are many ways to evaluate the highest rated one.

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1. Lee ‘Faker’ Sang Hyeok – $897,818.98

This year too, Lee ‘Faker’ Sang Hyeok stands in the first position. He is the best player of all the Esports, and no one can exceed him. He is the only player who has earned more than one million, over a year. Apart from that, he has won 3 worlds championship titles, two MSI titles, and several LCK regional titles.

2. Bae ‘Bengi’ Seong Ung – $810,683.00

The second position is again sustained by a South Korean. He has achieved some extraordinary victories. He was one of the most sustainable jugglers in LCK. But he tried to find innovative ways to himself and joined new Easyhoon.

3. Lee ‘Wolf’ Jae Wan – $635,741.13

No one is bringing the South Korean team down; they go undefeated to this year. Wolf came side by side with the band after winning two worlds championship titles. Wolf has decided to play in SKT again this year.

4. Bae ‘Bang’ Jun Sik – $631,239.89

Again, comes another South Korean team player. He has two world championship titles. This position was not obtained easily; there was a lot of first place finishes. He has been scoring exception since the time he joined SK Telecom T1 S in October 2013.    

5. Lee ‘Duke’ Ho Seong – $450,210.43

Most of the earning of Lee ‘Duke’ Ho Seong is done by his career in SKT. He started making an exception in season 6 and helped the team in winning worlds championship. Moreover, he has contributions in winning the spring split title. After that, he left SKT and moved to LPL to join Invictus Gaming. It was not a beneficial decision for him; he lost against the team WE. Because of this, he will not be able to return to the worlds.

6. Kang ‘Blank’ Sun-Gu – $419,260.80

Blank has helped in winning titles for his team in both seasonal and international successes. He is a successful juggler. He works as a substitute juggler in SKT.

7. Heo ‘PawN’ Won Seok – $394,293.08

Heo ‘PawN’ Won Seok is 2014 Samsung white roster. He joined ClearLove as a mid layer. He one of the most dedicated players. He went through back surgery and even after that he helps his team in winning the 2-2 tiebreaker in the LPL quarter-finals.

8. Cho ‘Mata’ Se Hyeong – $371,621.02

Mata, the former member of Samsung White’s winning 2014 Worlds team. Now he plays for KT Roslers.

9. Ming ‘ClearLove’ Kai – $347,768.06

He has been in money games for a long time, and he is one of China’s top earners.

10. Jang ‘Looper’ Hyeong-Seok – $346,307.48

Looper has won exceptional victories for his team “Samsung white.” He is still making most of his earning from this.