When you live in a society where many people buy the latest tech and get rid of it a year later when the newest model comes out (which is common with cell phones), it’s easy to forget that you can recycle electronics. Throwing them into the garbage can where they will end up in the landfill can cause some pollution issues over time. Also, there are benefits to recycling your used smartphones, iPads, and other similar devices.

Tech companies want to promote buying the newest model of their products as fast as possible. You may not feel as though you need to get a new iPad or smartphone for your own reasons, but it’s common to have pressure from your co-workers, friends, and neighbors to compare what you’ve bought. It feels good to get attention for having a model that was just put on the market. If you have the funds and you’re into new technology, why not spend on it, right?

Why It’s a Good Idea to Recycle Your Phones and Other Gadgets

Each year, the world produces over a billion tons of waste. The amount may be less in recent years when more people have become environmentally conscious, but how to get rid of electronics mindfully is a confusing matter. For this reason, it’s important that companies and municipalities who have “buyback” programs would do well to advertise it more and in different formats. That way, when you do a search for ecoATMs near me it will be a lot easier.

Securing Some Funds

Though you can’t always know how much you’ll get when you sell your electronics to a recycling program, you likely can get a fairly close quote. You might be able to sell multiple devices in a bundle. This allows you to recoup some of what you’ve spent on your devices and is a great incentive for such programs. If you wonder “what is ecoATM?”, you should research if there are any stores or companies that offer this in your area.