Nowadays, social media platforms play a significant role in promoting news, media, and entertainment videos. There are lots of social media apps available in the market to create and share creative videos. TikTok is a growing social media channel that enables users to create and publish short video clips to their friends and followers. 

TikTok’s popularity and growth are unstoppable, and the platform has now reached 150+ countries worldwide. It also has 800 million active users, and people love to spend more than 52 minutes per day on the app. 

If you’re a new user on TikTok, first, you want to understand how the platform works and how to attract your target audiences by creating short form videos. 

In this article, we can see ten impressive and growing strategies that help to uplift your TikTok account. 

Let’s get detailed!

1. Appealing Profile Photo

Profile makes the first impression when a user visits your TikTok account. Adding a more approachable profile picture will increase the chance to gain more attention to your videos. 

As a business owner, you can add your brand logo as a profile picture. In this way, you can show your brand, product, and services to the audience who notice your profile. 

2. TikTok Profile Description

Similar to other social media channels, a proper profile description helps to turn your visitors into followers and customers. Because your profile description shows your identity and your profession. 

Before you add a description to your profile, you can check out your competitor’s profile and bio to get more new ideas. In the TikTok bio, you can add your website link and effective call to action. 

3. Follow Famous TikTok Profiles

TikTok is the fastest-moving platform with lots of trending content, so you need to make sure to follow at least 30 to 50 popular accounts. Following the most popular creators will bring more content ideas, and you can immediately get trending videos. 

If you see a particular video going viral on TikTok, you should create similar videos of your own thoughts to get massive engagement. 

4. Active With For You Page 

“For You” page is the main feed on TikTok, and it contains endless videos of different creators. If you want to update yourself on TikTok trends all the time, you need to make sure what’s going on the platform by using the For You page regularly. 

A big advantage for looking at this page once a day is you can get fresh content and lots of ideas to make a better approach. 

5. Use Trending Songs

For every video sharing platform, the sound or song of your video plays a crucial role. When it comes to choosing sounds for your TikTok video, going for the trending sounds is best. At the same time, you need to make sure that the song matches your video and attracts your target audiences as well. 

By Using popular song formats, your videos will get more chances to receive likes on TikTok and be featured on the TikTok sounds page and which increase traffic to your profile. 

6. Make use of Trending Hashtags

A video with trending hashtags generates high visibility and video engagement. When you post videos on TikTok or any social network, make sure to add hashtags that are trending. 

TikTok provides lots of features for users to attract huge audiences and become a star on the platform. Discover page is such an amazing function to find trending hashtags and challenges to your industry. 

7. Keep It Consistent

One more effective strategy to boost your TikTok account growth is to keep up with consistency. Most TikTok experts say quality and quantity are necessary on TikTok. If you upload videos regularly, your followers start to watch your content every day, and it will bring more exposure to your profile. 

8. Livestream On TikTok 

If you want to enhance your TikTok profile growth organically, going live on TikTok is the best way. But you need 1000 followers to do a live stream on TikTok. A TikTok live stream is the best strategy to build a strong relationship with your audience and get new followers to your profile. 

One more benefit of TikTok live streaming is wherever you go live on TikTok, and your followers will get a notification at all times, even until you finish the live session. 

9. Interact With Others Content 

Interaction is a common strategy for all social media networks to get your name and profile among larger audiences. The more you interact and engage with other TikTok creators, the better engagement you will gain. 

Are you wonder how to engage with other people?

TikTok offers different options for users to interact with other users’ videos such as like, comment and share. The comment section is the best part to communicate with people easily. 

10. Make Unique Thumbnails

Engaging and unique thumbnails is a must have strategy for your video to go viral on TikTok. Most users see your videos on their newsfeed, and here your video thumbnail plays an important role. Because a thumbnail is the preview image for your videos that brings short info of your content. Therefore, it is important to entice potential viewers and get more reach instantly.